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Clip It. Clip It Good.

Papers! So many papers! Where do they come from? I can never keep them all organized! If you are anything like me, then you have mail, coupons and school papers consuming your kitchen counter, table and desk space.

I would go through them, sort them into neat little piles, but the minute my kids woke up or we were expecting guests I would chuck those puppies into a enormous basket to sift through at a later date. This method has been a giant waste of time!

In the past, I attempted various systems of organization. These techniques seemed to work for a short period of time, but in the end we are creatures of habit and the basket chucking would commence. This time, I had to come up with a plan that worked with my nature. So, I created chalkboard clothes pins to clip to my tidy stacks and keep them together before being tossed in a bin.

Chalkboard Clothes Pins 4

Such a simple solution only required a few wooden clothes pins, chalkboard spray paint, a drop cloths, chalk and a teensy bit of time.

I arranged the clothes pins on my drop cloth and began to spray paint. Each pin was given two coats of paint and the drying time seem to take forever!

Chalkboard Clothes Pins1

Once dry, I primed each clothes pin with chalk to prepare it for labeling.

Chalkboard Clothes Pins 2

Whoohoo! I was finished. Ready to organize all or our junk!

Chalkboard Clothes Pins 5

How do you keep all of your papers from devouring your kitchen, office, or entryway?


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