August Review at EJD

August was a challenging month here at Elizabeth Joan Designs. Our blog content was accidentally erased. Oops! We have been scrambling to recover each post and mourning the loss of others. Thanks for supporting us through this difficult time.

To add to our bad luck, I dropped my camera on my laptop. Crunch! My camera doesn’t even have a scratch on it, but I do have a smashed track-pad in desperate need of repair. It works enough to get by, for now, but I will need get it fixed soon.

Aug EJD Review 1

On a much more positive note, Erin has entered the 21st century by welcoming an iPhone in her life. To see what she has been up to, follow her on {Instagram}. Hopefully, in the upcoming year, I will be joining her and the rest of the world, by upgrading my less intelligent phone to a smart one.

We are super excited to announce that eight of our posts from the past month have been featured on other blogs. For more details check out our {Features/Links page}.

vent6 Simple Silhouette 1
Tool Belt 9 Brushes 7

crock2 Glazed Herb Planter 1 Counter Stools 5

Stay tuned for more fun printables, a half bathroom reveal and other exciting diy projects!

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