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$100 Room Challenge Week 3 – DIY Barn Wood Headboard

About 1.5 months ago, we finally purchased the king sized bed that we had been wanting. Woohoo! Do you know how awesome it is to have so much space for sleeping? If you don’t, I will tell you that it is absolutely amazing!!! Anyway, since we already have the bed and we are working on our bedroom for the $100 Room Challenge, we decided to make a DIY Barn Wood Headboard for week 3.

See the before pics and our plan for the master bedroom.

Barn Wood Headboard

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This piece of barn wood is actually a door from an old building that was at my grandparents’ house. After my grandparents passed away, my parents moved in and were nice enough to give it to us when they redid the building. It has just been sitting around waiting for the right time/use to come along.

Aged Barn Wood

See how distressed it is, with the chippy paint and cracked wood? But that just gives it that much more character!

Distressed Painted Barn Wood

This project was a two person job. While my hubby, Chris, cleaned up the barn wood, I free handed a template for the top of the headboard. Then, I just taped it on and traced it with a sharpie. After that, Chris cut it out using a jigsaw and sanded while I made lunch. He also added a few coats of Polycrylic to seal everything in, just in case the existing paint had lead in it.

Headboard Template

Finally, we lugged it inside and put it in place. Doesn’t it look good?

DIY Barn Wood Headboard

We noticed that after adding the Polycrylic, the wood actually darkened. I’m not sure if I will eventually add some white wash to the headboard to lighten it just a bit, but for now, we are sticking with it as is.

Handmade Wood Headboard

With just this one project, our master bedroom looks so much better! Not only are we sleeping better because of our new mattress and foundation, but this headboard really adds some farmhouse feels to the space. And that is just the look we are going for!

Master Bedroom

Oh, and I almost forgot! I finally put on the dust ruffle we purchased when we got the bed. #slacker

Rustic Headboard Dust Ruffle

Don’t you think our DIY barn wood headboard turned out great?

This headboard adds the perfect amount of romance to the room with the soft curve but also keeps things from getting too girly with the rustic, chippy paint.

Romantic Bedroom Furniture

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  • Erin- Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry

    That headboard is AMAZING!!! I was sealing an old chippy window yesterday (thinking lead may be present as well). I think the window was still dirty (despite cleaning) and after applying the polycrylic, it turned the white paint a little brown. I just went over it with a quick swipe of chalk paint. Although I love the dark wood tone against the white on your headboard :)

  • Maria Brittis

    Sorry for posting so late for the third week, its been crazy with my daughter move back home. You are so talented, I love the reclaimed wood you are using for head board. it looks stunning. So excited for your reveal.

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