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10 Minute Rope Curtain Ties

Rope is the item for The Home Depot Gift Challenge this month. (In previously months, our projects have been 2 x 4 Wall Art, an Industrial Book Rack, a Wood Box Caddy, and a Pegboard Luminary.) These 10 minute rope curtain ties are a prime example of being struck by an amazing idea and then you come to find out everyone and their brother was hit with the same one. Oh well. I decided to share it anyways, because it is that awesome. I guess it’s true great minds think alike, just ask Pinterest.

10 Minute Curtain Tie Backs

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This challenge is in no way associated with The Home Depot. We just love their stuff!

Here’s how I made mine.


Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Hooks- I used 1 1/4″ mug hooks
My hands (If only I had a couple more, this project would have been a lot easier.)

Supplies for DIY Curtain Ties

First, I unwound the rope into smaller sections. I thought the rope as a whole might be too thick for a tie.

DIY Rope Tie Backs for Curtains

Next , I cut a section of the rope into an 18″ long strip.

Then, with the twine I created a loop and hot glued it to the sides of the rope.

Rope Curtain Tie Back in 10 Minutes

After that, I looped the twine again so the end of it was at the top of the rope. I wound the twin down the rope about 1 1/2″ gluing some along the way.

I cut off any excess string and smoothed the ends down with hot glue.

Twine and Rope tie back

Rope and Twine Curtain Tie

Then, I repeated each step until I had completed both ends of the curtain tie.

Easy DIY Cutain Ties

Finally, I attached the hook to the wall and tied up my curtain.

DIY Rope Curtain Tie Backs

I really love how simple and budget friendly this project is. I spent less than $5 total for 2 curtain ties. Yay! I may just have to make more of these for other rooms in our home too.

Now it is time to check out these other amazing rope projects!

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