Wire Mesh Pin Board

Pinterest is a big deal. If you haven’t explored the many different pins and quickly become addicted to looking at pretty pictures and organizing them into neat little boards, then you are definitely missing out. However, when you are a sweet little 9 year old, like my daughter, Pinterest is something for the ol’ folks, because honestly, you are just too innocent to have to experience some of the randomness that pops up on the internet. So, to give our daughter a way to collect and display her own creative and pretty photos, my husband and I created a pin board out of wire mesh (aka hardware cloth, aka square chicken wire.)

Wire Mesh Pin Board 1

After a trip to the local hardware store to gather supplies, we quickly started putting everything together. We bought four 36″ x 2″ x 1/2″ pieces of craft board for the frame and hubby used a hand saw and miter saw box to cut the boards on a 45° angle, so the corners would meet up nicely.

Wire Mesh Pin Board 2

Next, he cut some hardware cloth a little smaller than the outer dimensions of our frame.

Wire Mesh Pin Board 3

Then, it was my turn. Since we couldn’t find any galvanized wire mesh at the store with reasonable dimensions (hello, we didn’t need 50 feet,) we went with the green coated stuff. I placed the cut piece on top of a drop cloth and coated it with a few layers of white spray paint to match the frame, which I also painted white.

Wire Mesh Pin Board 4

Once everything was dry, it was time to piece it all together. We found some corner braces that reminded me of something you might see on campaign furniture, so I opted to put them on the front of the frame and give it that same type of look.

Wire Mesh Pin Board 5

Lastly, using a staple gun, I attached the painted wire mesh to the back of the frame, stretching and pulling it, as best as I could, to get it to lay flat. (It still is a bit bumpy/wavy, but works perfectly for our needs.)

Here it is up on the wall, doing its duty. Not doody. Because that would be gross.

Wire Mesh Pin Board 8

Wire Mesh Pin Board 6

I grabbed a handful of paper clips to attach a few pretties to the board. I’ve seen clothes pins used in a similar manner, but probably any sort of small clips would work.

Wire Mesh Pin Board 7

Buying a regular, old bulletin board would have probably been easier, but isn’t this one so much cooler?

9 thoughts on “Wire Mesh Pin Board

    1. Erin Post author

      Courtney, you are too sweet! Thanks! As far as photos go, we both use natural lighting and 50mm lenses for most of our shots. Everything is styled in a trial and error kind of process. Nothing professional or crazy. We just do what we can. Hope that helps!

      1. Courtney @ Crafts by Courtney

        Thanks, I use a Nikon with a portrait 50mm lens. I’m all about natural lighting as well. I’ve been using the flash on some of my up close shoots. I just think your pictures have a nice finish to them.

        Once your site starts to gets recognized I know it’s going to take off. You guys have great pictures and tutorials! Glad I found you.

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  2. Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com

    This just caught my eye on here, because would you believe it, I was at 2 farm supply stores looking for chicken wire! I didn’t think I wanted the square ones cause I had always seen it done with the hexagonal or diamond style but I love yours! I’m going back to get some! (and yes, it comes in a 25ft role!) So pretty!!


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