Lazy Upholstering

A few years ago, I inherited this small bench from my parents and had big plans to make it over.

Reupholstered Bench 1

However, having a baby, making a cross country move and project procrastination led me to cram this little guy into storage and it was never seen again. A few weeks ago, while trying to come up with some seating options for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party, I resurrected him and decided it was finally his time to get a transformation.

After a little searching online, I found {this bench from West Elm} which was inspiration for the leg color and fabric. Since I already had some gray and white chevron fabric, I just needed some paint. My husband was sent out to buy some black semi-gloss paint and this is what he returned with.

Reupholstered Bench 3

Yup, that is black satin paint. But I decided to roll with it and got to work.

First, I removed the 4 screws that attached the seat cushion to the base.

Reupholstered Bench 2

Next, the entire base got a few coats of the black satin paint. (I sanded everything in between each coat to give it a super smooth finish and help the paint adhere.)

Reupholstered Bench 4

While the paint was drying, I started working on the “upholstery.” I just used quotes there because I didn’t really do anything special, besides cover the current seat cushion, tan pleather-y fabric and all, with my chevron stuff. Is that technically upholstering it? Or just covering up something ugly? I don’t know and I was just too lazy to do anything more complex, hence the title of this post.

Using a manual staple gun, I secured the fabric to the underside of the bench seat. ({This tutorial on upholstering benches} was what I followed to figure out how to attach my fabric and attempt to make the corners look presentable.)

Reupholstered Bench 5

Then I placed the seat cushion back on top of the base and screwed it all together. Done and done. Not too shabby, right?

Reupholstered Bench 6

My favorite part of this project was that it was so easy to work on and finish. Plus, besides just being a bench, it is also a great place for unicorns and whale sharks to frolic. Or so I hear. Oh yeah, pants are optional too.

Reupholstered Bench 7

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    1. Erin Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Ashley. We would love for you to come back and share your refinished coffee table when you are done!

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