Small Dresser Turned Coffee Bar

There aren’t many things better than a fresh cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning. Right? I, however, haven’t always been a connoisseur of the bean. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I actually started drinking coffee in my own home. That’s right. And it is all thanks to a tiny little coffee machine and a small dresser turned coffee bar.

Small Dresser Turned Coffee Bar

I used to be one of those frothy-sugar-filled-fancy-flavored drinks kind of people. You know what I’m talking about. Can you say Frappucino? Anyway, in an effort to cut down on coffee related expenses, I asked Santa for a Keurig for Christmas this past year, so I could make more delicious coffee at home.

Neutral Coffee Station Dresser

Yes, I know you can use a traditional coffee maker to get the job done, but I enjoy the simplicity of a one cup job. I started to experiment with different flavors and types of K-Cups and this picky girl found a few I really love. (My current favorite is Starbucks Caramel with a splash of milk and a few drops of liquid stevia.) Don’t worry! None of the ones I didn’t like went to waste. My hubby will drink pretty much any kind of coffee.

Keurig Black White

So what’s this business about a small dresser turned coffee bar?

Well, when we moved into The Country House, I wanted to keep the items on the counters to a minimum. And lucky for us, we have an abundance of dressers in our home. (I think there are currently 7!) So we moved this simple white dresser into a corner of our dining room to be our coffee station.
Mugs for Tea and Coffee

It is just perfect for corralling almost all of the items we need when making coffee, or tea, or hot cocoa. On the top, we found a cool metal drying rack to hang all of our mugs on. I organized all of the K-Cups and extras, like tea, cocoa, sugar, and cinnamon in the top drawer of the dresser, to keep them accessible, but hidden from plain view.

Monogram Mug Striped Towel

Hanging above the dresser is a cool little art idea that I stole from Emily over at Jones Design Company a few years ago. It is actually a framed tea towel!

Black White Stripe Coffee Bar

I love storing all of our coffee related items together for ease of use. Plus, when I make coffee at home, I’m saving myself a bunch of cash! So, what do you think about our small dresser turned coffee bar?

8 thoughts on “Small Dresser Turned Coffee Bar

    1. Erin Post author

      Thanks, Mari! The Pin buttons seem to work on the desktop version, but not the mobile version. Definitely something I will have to check into. Glad you stopped by!

  1. Kendra @

    This is the cutest corner ever, Erin! Lice the mug rack and framed tea towel! Enjoy yoyr coffees at home now! xo

  2. Ruth

    Erin! You are a sweet DIY’er. Really, I appreciate your coffee bar idea. From next Saturday, I have a plan to makeover my home office and I will apply coffee bar. Definitely, Your idea will make my project easy. Have a blessed weekend!


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