A Shady Project

I have been seeing tons DIY roman shade tutorials all over the internet, so I knew I just had to give it a try. Here’s my version of A Shady Project. Haha. I’m so punny!

Our kitchen window did not have any type of window treatment and looked a little bare. A roman shade, made out of mini blinds, was the perfect budget friendly thing to spruce it up. I know. Our kitchen window needs more than a shade. Because of all the moisture built up in it, it needs to be replaced. But this wonderful shade was right around our price range, unlike a brand new window. This was also an awesome way to add a pattern into our kitchen area.

$3.00 mini blinds, Liquid Stitch, scissors, and gray and white striped fabric were the supplies I used.

Shade 1 Shade 2

It is, in fact, just as easy as it looks to make. I basically just removed the slats by cutting the cord that looks like a ladder. Not the thick one. Then, I glued 5 remaining slates to my fabric about 9 inches apart to create the folds of the shade. Finally, I hung it in our window.  It only took about 20 minutes!  I referred to several tutorials on {Pinterest} and I found similar steps for each one.

Shade 3

Now, does anyone have any great projects I can attempt with these leftover mini blind slats?

shade 4


4 thoughts on “A Shady Project

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  2. Sharon

    Mini-blind slats can be cut into 12″ lengths (more or less as needed) and used as plant markers in your garden, write the name of the plant on with magic marker and stick in the ground near the plant or row of vegetables, or in you seedling starter trays. Cut a V on one end to stick in the ground, snip the other end into a rounded shape to prevent jabs by the sharp points.


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