Revamping The Breakfast Nook

You’ve probably heard that one of the least expensive ways to make a big impact on a room is to change up the paint. And it is totally true! It is amazing how a gallon of latex paint and a little time can make a not-so-great wall color fabulous. Take our breakfast nook for example. Here she is showing off her new coat. (Color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.)

Breakfast Nook 1

And here is what she looked like before the makeover.

Breakfast Nook 2

Not that I have any problem with the yellow and burnt orange walls (no judging here,) but the colors did not really match our style or taste. To each their own, right?

I love how the new paint color brightens the room, yet now has a more soothing effect than the previous ones. It could be considered the perfect greige!

Breakfast Nook 3

Here are a few other views from the room. Don’t be scared though. Quite a few things are still on the to do list.


Breakfast Nook 4


Breakfast Nook 5

Ahhh… That’s better.

Breakfast Nook 6

Here’s some of stuff that we still would like to change…

Breakfast Nook 7

So, have you had any experience with the awesome paint color, Revere Pewter? Any thoughts on some cool budget-friendly, industrial lighting? We would love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “Revamping The Breakfast Nook

    1. Erin Post author

      Thanks, Diane! There is still a lot to be done, but we will definitely be sharing all of the details on the blog!

    1. Erin Post author

      Thanks, Janell! We’ve had that table and chairs for years and they have been wonderful, but we are ready for a change.

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