Pinky’s Painted Desk

One of the items on our to-do list for 2015 is to work on our kids’ rooms. Our daughter, Pinky, is going from a little girl to a tween, so her room needs a little updating in the form of functional furniture and decor. Luckily, her space is in pretty reasonable shape and she has inherited my Mom’s childhood dresser and a painted desk (pictured below.)

Painted White Desk

We got the desk when we moved into our home for the amazing price of $FREE. Hey, I can’t pass up a good deal and the previous owner was just going to throw it away! It was in pretty good condition, minus a few drawer pulls, but we knew we wanted to give it a little pizazz to make it work with the other furniture pieces in Pinky’s room. Plus, it has plenty of drawers, which is great for storing diaries, loom bands, and random love letters, I’m guessing.

Old Wood Desk

Since we couldn’t use the original drawer hardware, I searched high and low, offline and online, and found some fun library type pulls. To attach them, we first had to fill in the old holes with wood filler and sand the surfaces.

Desk Wood Filler

The entire desk received several coats of primer and paint (Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Semigloss Enamel in Polar Bear) applied with a sponge roller. I also used a paint brush to get in a few nooks and crannies, but I like the smooth look the roller delivers, plus it makes everything more time efficient. Bonus!

Paint Roller Drawer

I had the hubs drill some pilot holes for the new hardware screws…

Drill Drawer Pull Holes

And we attached the library pulls, along with a few new knobs along the top.

Desk Hardware

We also bought a piece of plexi-glass, fit to size, to help protect the top of the desk.

Plexiglass Desk Top

Overall, we think it turned out great and most importantly, our daughter is in love with it! She can’t wait to do homework! Seriously!!

Refinished Desk

And there you have it. The first makeover and update for Pinky’s room. Although there is still some work to do in here, having a workspace for her is a great thing to have marked off the checklist!

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