Pick My Seat

Literally. I need your help. I know that’s kind of a weird title, but you will understand it better as you read along. Promise.

You may or may not remember our Revamping the Breakfast Nook post. We are coming along in this room slowly, but surely. The newest addition is this painted, round, oak, pedestal table. (Holy adjectives!) Isn’t she purdy?

Breakfast Nook New Table 3

We actually found this table on the side of the road. It was a bit beat up, with a crack in the pedestal that needed repaired, but it came with all of the essential hardware. So, we decided to load it in our Jeep and bring it home.

Breakfast Nook New Table 2

After a little TLC in the form of wood glue, sanding, priming and painting, she was as good as new. Here she is all decked out with a little non-traditional fall decor. Looking good!

Breakfast Nook New Table 1

The chairs are the same ones we had with our previous table. But we’re now thinking that maybe it’s time to change things up, since we have this nice, “new” table to enjoy. Here are some of the choices we are considering.

Breakfast Nook New Table 4

1. If we keep our current chairs, the plan would be to paint them white, like these from Overstock.

2. I really like the clean look of this type of upholstered chair, and the removable cover means that we could keep it clean from the grubby little hands that would be touching it during meals.

3. This chair (technically, the same chair as #2) is slip-covered, so it can also be washed if it gets dirty. The dressed up look is definitely a favorite and would add a bit of relaxed elegance to the breakfast nook.

4. I’ve been toying around with the idea of buying something similar to these chairs. I love their vintage, industrial feel, but I wonder how comfortable they would be.

5. This one borrows its look from the classic bentwood café chair and the curved lines could work well with those of the new table. The sale price is also pretty appealing.

We’d love your input on finding the perfect dining chairs. There are tons of great options out there and these are just a few that we feel could work for us. Which chair is your top pick? Do you have any experiences with the choices listed or recommendations other than these? Let us know!

10 thoughts on “Pick My Seat

  1. Megan

    I have #1 at my dining room table, and I love that they are both comfortable and classic. I do think #2 is also a great option for your space though!

  2. Kristi

    I really like the idea of painting them! But, if you do decide to go with something new, I would definitely choose number 3 (I’ve actually been eying these up for our dining room!). Can’t wait to see which you choose!

  3. Diana

    We need new chairs as well. I think that numbers 4 & 5 wouldn’t be as comfortable as the others. Personally i would paint the ones you already have but that’s me. I think they look good in white.



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