Pet Food Canister

While I was browsing the web the other night, I came across these awesome {pet food canisters} from Ballard Designs. They are super stylish and much cooler than a dog food bag to store Fido’s food in. I especially love that they have a lid to keep everything dry and fresh. I do not love the price tag. Ouch! $55-$59? For that price it would make more sense for us to leave the food in the bag or make our own version. Of course, I chose the latter of the two.

Pet Food Canister 1

My first thought was to go see if I could snag one of those white food grade buckets from the grocery store, but unfortunately, I found out when I got there they no longer give/sell them to customers. So, I stopped at the thrift store on the way home and, luckily, found this popcorn tin for a buck fifty. Woot! I knew that it would work perfectly to make my Ballard Designs inspired pet food canister.

Pet Food Canister 2
I started off by spray painting the popcorn tin black and actually ended up doing about four thin coats to get everything covered.

Pet Food Canister 3

Next, after a little deliberation, I nixed the chevron pattern of my inspiration, even though I love it, and opted for stripes because they are so much easier to work with. Using painter’s tape, I taped off sections down the sides of the tin.

Pet Food Canister 4
Then, I used a Spouncer Stencil Brush (which I also found at the thrift store) to apply white paint.

Pet Food Canister 5
Once everything as dry, I removed the tape and had an amazing pet food canister of my own for less than $5 and very little time.

Pet Food Canister 6
This thing even has the Golden Retriever seal of approval. And that means a lot in this household.

Pet Food Canister 7

17 thoughts on “Pet Food Canister

    1. Erin Post author

      Thanks, Laura! The dish is actually one that we bought and have had for years, but you could totally do some coordinating bowls for food and water and wouldn’t a striped dog bed be great too!?!

  1. Manda Wolf

    Great post. Thank you for all the tips. It is very important how we word questions at the end especially if we want people to respond, I am trying to work on this so this post has given me some good ideas and a good jumping off point.

    1. Erin Post author

      Thanks, Jill! Aren’t the canisters great for so many things? We’ve thought about the possibility of using them for toy storage. A trash can is a great idea too!!

  2. aleshea

    While I do not have a pet I have many friends who do and I know they would appreciate this. Passing this along to them. Thanks again for linking up with us at the TGIF Link Party.

  3. Dee

    oh my goodness, this is adorable!! And it’s almost like you read my mind, I need something cute to do with my dog food.. I think this may be just what I was looking for! Thanks for stopping by the Two Girl and a Party! – Dee @ From Wine to Whine

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