Painting the Bunk Bed White

Recently, I showed plans for our Kids’ Shared Bedroom and how we came to the decision to have our 10 year old daughter and 4 year old son sleep in the same space. After a quick run to Ikea and clearing out a space in what was formerly our son’s bedroom, we wasted no time painting the bunk bed white and getting it set up. Yay!

Painting the Bunk Bed White
You may remember this photo from Instagram (follow both of us! Erin’s Instagram/Emily’s Instagram) of the boards all spread out across the floor. The hubs and I took turns painting all of the boards (in one of my favorite white paints – Polar Bear by Behr) and he lovingly assembled it all together.

Wood Boards Bunk Bed
We only put on a light coat of white paint because:

1. It still allowed the wood grain to show through.
2. It may have saved a bunch of time.
3. We liked the look.

See! What do you think? Not to shabby, right?

White Paint Wood Grain
Most of the bedding was also purchased from Ikea (Nypronros). We are kind of obsessed with their products and prices, but I promise they did not give us anything for this post. Although, I probably wouldn’t turn them down if they wanted to. *wink*

My kids also love this cute deer pillow from Craftberry Bush and may add an adorable bunny pillow as well.

Deer Pillow Gray Stripe Bedding
Even though the bed is painted and put together, there is still a lot to get done in this room! We will be painting all of the trim white, changing the yucky brown walls to Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore (hopefully this weekend), and adding some small splashes of color with Behr’s Aqua Smoke.

Kids Room Paint Colors
So far, the bunk bed has worked out great for both kids.

Sleeping Gray Stripe Bedding
White Bunk Beds

Check out further progress in this room by clicking the image below!

kid's bedroom makeover


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6 thoughts on “Painting the Bunk Bed White

  1. Ana

    I was wondering if you painted directly or if you had to sand the wood before starting?
    Why did you choose to paint the bed before assembling instead of after?
    We are thinking of doing the same and we need advice ;)
    Thank you
    Kindly Ana :)

    1. Erin Post author

      Hi, Ana!

      We painted the bed without sanding and the paint has held up great. (We used Behr Premium Plus, which is paint and primer in one.) However, it is a great extra step to sand it for durability and you can also add a few coats of polycrilic for added protection. Also, for us, it was just easier to paint the pieces while they were all laid out on the floor vs. trying to climb up and around everything to paint the top/nooks/crannies. Hope that helps and good luck with your project!

  2. Crys

    What is the measurement of the space under the bed. I am thinking of adding drawers under the bed so this could be used for clothing as well. Thank you!


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