Mason Jar Paint Storage

We had been stockpiling an assortment of partially-full paint cans and our supply was out of control!  Do you know how much room all of those containers take up? I don’t have an exact unit of measurement, but let’s just say a great deal of our precious storage area housed those buckets. In an effort to gain more space, I decided to condense these latex paints into mason jars I already own. This storage method is also much more attractive. Bonus!

mason jar paint storage 7

This is the process I went though:

First, I gathered up all of those half-full buckets. There were actually a few more than this photo shows, but I went ahead a got rid of them. The paint was either dried up or I couldn’t even get the cans open.

mason jar paint storage 9

Next, I located some of our empty mason jars and started the transfer.

mason jar paint storage 3

The pouring went fairly smoothly, but I did keep a few paper towels at arms reach for those moments when things got a little messy.

mason jar paint storage

Then, I used address labels to mark each jar. This way I will know the exact name and brand of each paint color.

mason jar paint storage 6

After that, I created my own paint samples that are a smidgen more detailed. (See photos below.)

mason jar paint storage 4

I punched a hole through them and tied them all together with twine.

mason jar paint storage 5

Finally, I screwed the lids on each jar. Yay! Aren’t they cute?

mason jar paint storage 8

Oh, the room I will save with this adorable paint storage alternative. Do you have any special tricks you use to save space in your own home?


2 thoughts on “Mason Jar Paint Storage

  1. The Women of Westwood

    This certainly is much more attractive than sloppy paint cans. Do you think these would hold up being stored outdoors? A few of my sample paints didn’t make the winter. (silly me didn’t even think about bringing them in)

    1. Emily Post author

      I probably would not store them outdoors. Paint doesn’t seem to do very well it is freezes and thaws. Thanks for visiting!


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