The Light Swap

Our new house is unfortunately cursed with bad light fixtures. (And crappy ceilings, but that’s another post.) Lots of them. Specifically, the boob light. You know the ones I’m talking about. They look similar to the one below, which resides in our bedroom.

Light Swap 1

Since we have plans to replace pretty much all of the lighting here, we thought that we would start with the bedroom, since we already had most of our supplies. (Knappa Pendant Lamp and Hemma Cord Set from Ikea.) Eventually, we would like to put a ceiling fan/light combo, but it is not really high on our home improvement priority list.

Anyway, after we gathered our supplies, which also included a stop by the hardware store to pick up canopy kit, we were ready to go. My hubby, Chris, gets most of the credit for this project, since I know nothing about electrical work and was armed with only my camera/knowledge of CPR. (Please remember to make sure the power is completely off before starting an electrical project.) He started out by cutting cord set and taking off the sheath on the end, exposing the wires. Next, he removed a small piece from the cord set, threaded it through the canopy, and put the piece back on. That kept the cord secure on the canopy.

Light Swap 2 Light Swap 3 Light Swap 4

Once the new parts were ready to go up, he removed the original boob light. Buh bye! You can see that with it’s removal, it revealed a really dingy ceiling, so we whipped out the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to try and clean it up. Once everything was clean, he connected the appropriate wires together and pushed it all back into the ceiling so that he could screw on the canopy. Finally, he put the pendant in place and we were done. Thank goodness I didn’t have to resuscitate him!

Light Swap 5 Light Swap 6 Light Swap 7

This project was quick and easy, taking only about 15-20 minutes. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and not see a boob light staring back down at me. *wink* Here is the finished product with a sneak peak of our bedroom.

Light Swap 8

Not too shabby, right? Have you taken on any lighting or electrical projects at your home?

9 thoughts on “The Light Swap

  1. Hanna Caldwell

    Haha I love that description of old light fixtures. As I get looking around my house I have a LOT of those and I was actually just looking up at the one in our bedroom this morning and thinking how I wanted to change it. It’s crazy what a difference something simple like that can do. Love your little update! I love your whole bedroom actually!

    1. Erin Post author

      Thanks, Hanna! We still have a lot to do, but I love how just changing out something simple can give the room a completely different feel. :)

  2. Lisa at Texas Decor

    I love the new light fixture! We’ve slowly been replacing all our light fixtures too. It’s amazing what a difference one little light can do. Your bedroom looks so pretty too! Visiting from It’s Overflowing. Have a great week!

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