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Kitchen Pegboard

Do you ever attempt to open a drawer in your kitchen that it is so packed full of junk it gets stuck and you start screaming four letter words at it? Yeah, me either. Just Kidding. My utensil drawer has been know to be a bit troublesome from time to time. To minimize my usage of foul language, I turned to Pinterest for practical storage methods. I saw that other genius bloggers had used kitchen pegboards to keep everything neat and organized. Perfect! So, that’s what I did.

Kichen Pegboard

First, came the trip to the hardware store. I picked up a pegboard (obviously), and several multi-packs of pegboard accessories including wall spacers.

*Just a little piece of advice: Be sure to measure the size of your car’s trunk before you purchase the pegboard. This way you will be able to fit it in without having to go back into the store feeling like a fool and having to ask an angry employee to re-cut it for you.

Next, using some teamwork, my husband and I attached it to the wall above our buffet table. We used the spacers and screws that came in the accessory packs. They were a bit tricky to figure out. Hence, there are no photos of this process.

DIY Kitchen Organization

Finally, it was designing time. We used all kinds hooks to hang things up trying to create a balance between decorative and functional.

Kitchen Utensil Organization

I LOVE it!

Pegboard Kitchen Storage

I am probably one of the most indecisive people when it comes to wall decor, so this kitchen pegboard is absolutely perfect for me. On the days I want to switch things up, I easily can in no time. And for the win, my drawer now opens and closes with no problems at all.


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