Giving the Kitchen Counters an Update

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you may remember when we painted our laminate countertops a little more than a year ago. Initially, we loved the new look and the counters seemed to be holding up pretty well. However, after some wear and tear, they started to PEEL. Eek! We put up with the peeling for awhile, but it made the counters constantly look dirty, so it was time to give the kitchen counters an update. You can see the new pretty countertops below.

Kitchen Counters an Update

Just in case you need a refresher, here are some photos of the evolution of our countertops/kitchen. The counters were an almond color laminate when we moved in.

Kitchen Update 2

Next, we updated the kitchen cabinets with paint, but left the counters the same for a short time.

Kitchen Update 1

We knew we wanted to change up the counters, but because of other home improvement projects, we opted to save some money and try to paint them.

Painting Laminate Countertops

Unfortunately, this is what they looked like after about 9 months. When we painted them, we were planning to use oil based paint and poly, but ended up purchasing a latex based poly against our better judgement, thanks to the bad advice of our local hardware store paint guy. Don’t these look creepy?

Painted Laminte Countertops

I’m sure that we could have sanded off the poly and reapplied an oil based option, like Varathane, which would have held up much better. However, we are a little more limited now that we have pets in the house (who sometimes may or may not climb on the kitchen counters) and wanted something that we could just put in quickly vs. several days of drying time for the poly.

We decided to go with the Saljan black mineral effect countertops from Ikea. They are super inexpensive and we knew we didn’t want to put a lot of money into the project, since we probably would not end up seeing a return from it when we decide to sell our home.

New Ikea Laminate Counter Countertops

These countertops were pretty easy to install ourselves. In all honesty though, we did have one oops and had to purchase an extra counter. (Make sure not to drop them after they have been cut!) My hubby cut them to size, including space for the sink and range, and we had a ready to go work surface within a few hours.

Flowers on Ikea Black Counter

We’ve been living with the new countertops for about a month now and they are working out great so far! You may have also noticed a few other changes going on it the kitchen (Hello beadboard!) and tomorrow I will be sharing my spring home tour, so stop by then to see more details!

5 thoughts on “Giving the Kitchen Counters an Update

  1. Pat

    Thanks for the info and advice. I have been trying to decide on a counter update that is not pricey. Your trials and errors have given me much needed help in my quest.

  2. Ryab

    Question about the counterops…. are the edges the same all the way around? Would it work for an island or is the particle board showing on the back? Looks great. Thanks


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