Eye Shadow Easter Eggs

I have been racking my brain for over a week trying to come up with a fun, different way to color Easter eggs.  Somewhere around using wet noodles and a mesh onion bag, I came up with the idea of smearing eyeshadow on the eggs. By the way, wrapping the eggs in wet noodles made an interesting design, but this approach was a giant pain in the tush. Alright, now back to the makeup.

Eyeshadow Easter Eggs 1

This process is pretty straight forward and a bit messy.

First, I raided my makeup bag for different shades of eye lid coloring. I wanted to make sure I had a few brighter colors to keep my eggs looking Easter-y.

Eyeshadow Easter Egg 5
Next, I scraped a little of the powder onto my work surface and, using my finger, I rubbed the color all over the hard-boiled egg.

I learned that if I slightly dampen my finger on a wet paper towel then spread the eyeshadow onto the egg, I achieved a bolder, more even look. And when I used a brush or an applicator, I got a dusty uneven outcome that I also really liked.

Eyeshadow Easter Egg 4

This process was all about experimenting to see what looked good.

Eyeshadow Easter Egg 3

I love how these turned out. They are so pretty and shiny! I would recommend that these eggs be more for decoration and less for eating and hunting.

Eyeshadow Easter Eggs 2

Now it’s your turn to try. And remember, the cosmetic aisle at the store is your only limit!

21 thoughts on “Eye Shadow Easter Eggs

  1. Angela @ Shake Bake and Party

    These are SO pretty! What a fabulous idea! It’s a perfect way to use all the different eyeshadow colors I have that looked prettier in the container than they did on my face! Pinned! Stopping by from the Eat. Create. Party. link up! : )

    1. Emily Post author

      Thanks Carrie! The eye shadow does transfer to you hands a bit. I do recommend these eggs being more for decorating around your home rather than eating or hunting. As long as you are not handling the eggs with really wet hands, the eggs should stay pretty well colored.

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  5. Lolly Jane

    How clever is this?! What a fun idea, for sure! Thanks much for playing at our Sunday Soiree- we’re excited to feature these pretty eggs tomorrow. :) XO

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