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Entryway Remodel Part 3: The Reveal

Trim. Check. Paint. Check. Bench cushion. Check. This check list can only mean one thing:  the reveal of entryway is here!

When we last left off, it looked a little something like this:

Entryway Remodel 3-1
If you would like to catch up on Adam’s and my remodeling journey or for a little refresher, check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Here are the final detail steps we took to get our beautiful hallway…

First, I filled all holes and gaps with nail hole filler and caulking. As you can see, there were tons of them on the shelf.

Entryway Remodel 3-3

Entryway Remodle 3-2

Next, we secured 5 hooks to the shelf. This provided more hanging space for coats, bags, scarves, etc.

Entryway Remodel 3-13

Then, Adam framed the closet area with trim. He found that the air compressor nail gun attachment was the most efficient way to do it.

Entryway Remodel 3-10
Using this same method, he also attached trim throughout the rest of the hallway and 1/4 round on the bench area.

Entryway Remodel 3-4

After that, it was time to paint the trim. I taped off everything with frog tape. Frog tape has proven to leave cleaner lines than plain old regular painter’s tape. Well, at least when I am painting.

Entryway Remodel 3-12
Finally, after giving all the trim and the bench two coats of white paint, there were only the small details to attend to.

Here are a couple great buys I found at Target. I love Target! These baskets were on clearance for $2.68 each. I purchased three of them. We mainly use them for school papers.

Entryway Remodel 3-5

I also found these fun little chalkboard  for a steal for $0.30 for a pack of eight.

Entryway Remodel 3-11

I made this seat cushion out of foam and upholstery fabric purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics. Don’t be fooled. I found this cushion to be extremely challenging to make. I just couldn’t seem to get the fit right, but once I did, it was awesome. Yippee!

Entryway Remodel 3-8

On the wall opposite of the bench, we hung a few hooks to hang our coats and backpacks.

Entryway Remodel 3-9

Now the details are all wrapped up.

Can I get a drum roll please?


Entryway Remodel 3-14

I added five of my boxes to baskets on the top shelf. They house hats, gloves, reusable bags, umbrellas and other items we like to grab on the way out.

Once the weather is a bit nice, I am hoping to get out in our garage and build a couple crates to toss our shoes in.

Entryway Remodel 3-6

What do you think? We are so pleased with this area. Yes, it did take over a year to complete, but we LOVE it!


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