Entryway Remodel Part 2

Our hallway closet was a space in our home that we didn’t utilize to it’s fullest potential. We stored our vacuum cleaner on one side, a few coats on the other and tossed our shoes on the floor. This way may have been easy, but it wasn’t really working out so great. I was inspired by this entryway makeover to build a bench in that area and shelves for storage. I thought this would be more pragmatic and inviting.

Closet Remodel 1
If you are reading about this remodel for the fist time you can catch up here. 

First things first. I painted the entryway and closet gray. That’s right, more gray walls in this house!

Next, my husband, Adam, built a grid like structure on the floor to create a base for a platform I was wanting to store shoes and what not. No more shoes on this floor! Right?

Closet Remodel 2

Closet Remodel 3

Then, he screwed plywood to the base.

After that, a second grid like structure was constructed at bench level.

Closet Remodel 4
To add a little pop of color in our home, I decided to paint horizontal stripes in the nook. The process of taping and painting in a relatively small area was kind of a pain in the tush, but well worth it. The greenish color was mixed by yours truly and was also applied to the walls in our half bathroom.

Closet Remodel 5
Before we were finished, Adam manufactured and installed a beautiful shelf above the bench. 

Closet Remodel 6

Finally, we completed the bench with another piece of plywood.

Closet Remodel 7

Now, we just need to attach some trim, paint, add a bench cushion and probably a few more details I am forgetting.

Check back soon to see more work on this remodel and the final reveal!


4 thoughts on “Entryway Remodel Part 2

    1. Emily Post author

      Thanks Hanna! It’s been a lot of work but we are really excited to almost be done with the hard part. It will be so nice to just get to enjoy our new space soon.

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