Entertainment Stand Dresser

I know, I know. Dressers weren’t made to for T.V.’s. But I love the idea of having an dresser as an entertainment stand because there is so much storage inside! It completely eliminates the need for a separate place to store DVDs and the like. When you are low on extra space like we are, being able to remove unnecessary furniture and storage equipment is a blessing.

Entertainment Stand Dresser 1

We’ve had this particular piece for about 6 years now. We purchased it on Craigslist for around $25, which was totally a steal. Originally, it had a warm light oak stain and finish on it, but we quickly decided that we wanted it painted white. It also came without any knobs, so we ordered these cool round drop pulls.

Entertainment Stand Dresser 2

Inside we store tons of stuff…

Entertainment Stand Dresser 4

GAMES, ETC. – This drawer holds all of our Wii and PlayStation games and accessories. (Both of those consoles are behind the T.V.)

BABY STUFF – I babysit for my cousin’s son a few days a week and we keep all of his extra diapers, wipes and clothing corralled in here.

CORDS – USB cords, extra electronic cords, random chargers, etc.

VHS TAPES – Yes, I still have a few hanging around, even though we do not have a player for them. Most of them are dance performances and family videos that I just can’t let go.

DVDs – The top row of drawers (and middle two on the left) hold all of our DVDs which are kind of alphabetized. That means they used to be, but my two kids and husband threw my Type A tendencies to the wind. Makes me want to re-organize just thinking about it.

I would love to be able to consolidate our DVDs, but that is a project for a later date!

Entertainment Stand Dresser 3

Obviously, this dresser is super useful to our family. It needs a little help in the decor area, but I’ve mocked up a little vision that I had for the space.

Entertainment Stand Dresser 5

The hubs seems to think we should forgo any decorating to keep the space simple, but I kind of like the idea of adding a little faux life in the form of topiaries and a rustic touch with an old shutter. What are your thoughts? Have you ever used a random piece of furniture as entertainment stand?

7 thoughts on “Entertainment Stand Dresser

  1. Heather Grow

    Your dresser tv stand looks great. I may steal your idea. We have the tv in a deep armoire that has doors that don’t slide in all the way so they block the flat screen. Bummer. Need to find a $25 dresser ASAP!

    1. Erin Post author

      Hi Karen,
      We keep our Wii and DVD player both behind the TV. (You can kind of see them if you look super close. The DVD player is black and the Wii is white.) They both sit up right and don’t take up much real estate on the dresser. Hope that helps!


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