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Curbside Dresser Gets A New Look

There are some days I go out looking for treasures discarded on the side of the road. Then, there are other days where I am driving somewhere with a purpose and decide I am going to have to be late to that destination so I can pick up a gem. (My dentist will understand, right?) The latter is exactly what was happening when I stopped to claim a bright yellow dresser. It was perfect for my youngest son’s room, except it was yellow (not the look we were going for.) After sitting in my basement for several months, it’s time this curbside dresser gets a new look.

Before-After Dresser Makeover_edited-1

The first step to this makeover was to give the bright yellow exterior a good coat of primer.

Trash to Treasure Dresser

Next, the dresser received two coats of gray paint. I had the hardware store color match the paint to Restoration Hardware’s paint color, Charcoal. It’s mostly grey with a hint of blue. I love this color! You may recognize this color from our

how to mix your own chalkboard paint post.

Then, using a bowl as my guide, I painted a large circle white. This spot will mimic a race cars numbering.

After that, it was time to give this baby a few details to go with my son’s vintage car themed bedroom. Using painters tape, I sectioned off racing stripes that I painted white and red.

Painted Dresser

Vintage Car inspired Dresser

I love the look of the number 5, so I printed the digit out on regular ol’ computer paper. Then, I traced it onto freezer paper to make a stencil. I used the exact technique Erin did on her Halloween Trick or Treat Bags.

DIY Feezer Paper Stencil

This method worked perfectly! I taped my homemade stencil to the dresser and used a spouncer and a little red paint add the numeral.

Number 5 Dresser


Numbered Dresser

Finally, I exchanged the cheap plastic hardware for these beautiful antique bronze ones.

New Hardware for Dresser

My son LOVES his new to him dresser! This dresser has come a long way from it’s golden days.

Curbside Dresser Makeover


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