Closet To Office: Part 2

We have been turning our closet into an office. You can catch up here.

Finding room for everything has been a challenge. This closet is so teeny and with all of our office supplies in it, it was an insane mess. I really needed to find a way to utilize my space better.

My brilliant idea: an over the door shoe organizer. There are so many pockets to stash an array of office necessities. I picked up one of these bad boys at Target.

There was one itty bitty problem with it, though. The pocket organizer was too wide to fit against our miniature door.

Closet Office Organization 1

In fact, when I would close the door, I couldn’t actually close the closet door. This was completely unacceptable!

Closet Office Organization 2

First thing I did was round up my cutting mat, rotary cutter, and straight edge ruler.

Next, I turned that twenty four pocket organizer into an eighteen pocket organizer by cutting off one column of pockets.

Closet Office Organization 3

Ah, that was a much better fit! But there was still one little problem. When I would close the door, the organizer would bounce around. To remedy this situation, I needed to secure it to the door.

Closet Office Organization 4
This is the time I turned to Amazon for mounting tape.

Closet Organization 6
After two day free shipping with Amazon Prime, I was easily able to attach the shoe organizer to the door.

Closet Office Organization 5
Then, I neatly arranged all of my items in the pockets.

After that, I printed out label tags and secured them with paper clips to help locate my supplies with minimal effort.

Closet Organization 10

I love the cute chevron pattern on these tags!

Closet Organization 7

Doesn’t it look great?

Closet Organization 9

This has been such a simple way to maximize our space!

Closet Organization 8

Check back soon for more of our closet to office makeover!

4 thoughts on “Closet To Office: Part 2

  1. Emily

    What a great tip! I have one of those and my girls don’t like it on their door because it swings around. I will have to figure out where it went to and see if they like it better if it doesn’t move. Thanks! Sharing this with my FB followers!

    1. Emily Post author

      Thanks Emily! It really made a big difference to attach it to the door. Good luck! Hope you have the same success! Please come back and share if you try this.

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