Closet To Office: Part 1

We have been wanting to turn our office into a fun playroom for the kids which should be pretty simple. The challenging part though, has been trying to find a new home for all of the office stuff.

I will show you how we did it, but due to my kid’s nap times, husband’s work schedule and bad lighting, we did things a little out of order. So, try to keep up and consider yourself forewarned.

First, we removed our amazing, and not at all geeky, board game collection.

Closet to Office 2

Next, we attached the shelving unit from our office in the closet. My husband, Adam, cut each board with a circular saw. He also made two additional shelves out of plywood we had leftover from our entryway remodel.

Closet to Office 4

Then, I coated the two new shelves with Rust-Oleum wood stain in ebony.

Closet to Office 5

After that, we removed the shelving unit and started to prepare the walls for paint by filling all holes (except the ones for the shelving unit) and cracks with spackle.

Closet to Office 6

Then, I recruited my oldest son to help with the painting.

Closet to Office 3

He had a blast and my walls got painted so it was a win-win for everyone.

Closet to Office 7

Finally, we reattached the shelves. Again.

Closet to Office 8

Check back soon to see how we organized all of this junk into our itty-bitty closet.

Closet to Office

12 thoughts on “Closet To Office: Part 1

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  4. polly plum

    I have one of these hanging shoe bags for the back of a door but the hardware for hanging it is missing. Any ideas to make hooks that will hold the bag over the door?

  5. Shelby Chrastina

    I am so excited to take on my own closet make over and yours has been a great inspiration! I think I would love to do the entry closet next but first things first… Cleaning out our closet tonight… may even start painting it! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. jeana

    I was scrolling thru pinterest yesterday and saw this closet and let me tell you i have this same closet its one of those spaces where you open the door throw something in and shut it really fast!!!!!!! its exactly the same size as yours I HATE IT!!!! at the same time i have this huge cabinet i use as a desk well after alot of standing in front of my tiny closet and contemplating i have torn it apart and did demo today and am making this desk space thank you so much for posting this i am so excieted i cant stand it!

  7. Yasmin

    Hi !!

    Absolutely love your design. I’m currently doing the same to my closet – and was just wondering if you could tell me what the brackets/shelves you used are called and where did you buy them from?

    Thank you!!



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