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3 Things I’m Lovin’ – No. 5

Hi, friends! I’ve been in such a rut lately. I don’t know if it is seasonal depression or something else, but my motivation has been lacking since the New Year. Do you ever feel like that too? Like there are plenty of ideas and things to do, but you just can’t get going with them? That has been the spot I’m at. However, I’m trying to change things up a bit. I’ve decided to help myself by just doing one small thing to start and hoping that it manifests into more.  So far it seems to be working!

This post contains some affiliate links.  That means that I make a small commission when you purchase an item from the link. However, there is no extra cost to you. Find out more in my disclosure.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the 3 things I’m loving lately! Even though they aren’t all home decor/DIY type products, we do use all of the following items in our home.  Enjoy!

Farmhouse Kitchen Towel

This farmhouse kitchen towel is the cutest!  A few months ago I purchased one for a giveaway and I loved it so much that I bought another for us. It is the perfect neutral touch to a kitchen!

Farmhouse Kitchen Towel

Raw Sugar Body Wash

If you haven’t heard of Raw Sugar, then you may be missing out. They produce a line of yummy smelling soaps, body washes, and scrubs that smell delicious and leave your skin feeling soft. You get a ton of all natural product for a great price too.  To top it off, for each product purchased the company donates soap to a family in need!

3 Things I'm Lovin'

Mainstays Manchester Shag Rug

This rug is so wonderful that we’ve bought 3 of them.  The prices are ridiculously low ($85 for 7′ x 10′) and there are quite a few colors to choose from. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about a shag rug, but we haven’t had any issues with shedding and the rug brings a nice softness to any room it is in.

Tween Bedroom Cream Shag Carpet

So, that’s what I’m currently lovin’! If you end up trying out any of these (or already have) I would love to hear what you think!

Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Do you want a Build a Snowman? I do! It’s time for another exciting chapter in The Home Depot Monthly Gift Challenge. In the past, we’ve shared How To Build A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder, 10 Minute Rope Curtain Ties, 2×4 Artwork, a Pegboard Luminary, Wood Box Caddy, and an Industrial Book Rack. Here’s how the challenge works: a different item is chosen from The Home Depot by one of our group members and then we each make a gift to be given to a different recipient each month. October’s item was a furniture leg or bun foot and the lucky recipient is my in-laws. Today, I am sharing a cute project you can make just in time for the holiday season.

HDGC Snowman

New graphic

This challenge is in no way associated with The Home Depot. We just love their stuff!


– Foam-board
– 3 Lids, plates, or other items in various circular sizes to use as patterns for the head, middle and bottom of the snowman
– X-ACTO knife
– Scissors
– White yarn
– Twigs/sticks
– Buttons
– Craft Glue
– Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
– Furniture leg – you may need additional tools to shape it the way you would like. I used a miter saw, sander, hammer, and a chisel.

First, I traced three different sized circular lids onto a piece of white foam board. The smallest circle is for the head, the middle sized for the body, and largest for the bottom of the snowman.

Tracing Circles

Next, the three circles were cut from the foam board using a X-ACTO knife and scissors.

DIY Foam Board Snowman Craft

Then starting from the center working my way to the edges, I wrapped all three foam circles with some of the softest yarn I could find, Bernat Baby in white. I wanted him to be extra fluffy looking. Using craft glue every so often, I secure the yarn in place.

Yarn Snowman

This part took a little longer than I thought it would, but the end result makes the extra time put into it totally worth it.

Do you Want to Build a Snowman?

After that came the challenging part: the furniture leg.

The Home Depot Furniture Leg

It took a few tools to turn this bad boy into a snowman’s carrot nose. I cut the leg with the miter saw, split one half of the leg with a hammer and chisel, shaped a piece of the wood with a sander, and painted it carrot orange with acrylic paint and a brush.

DIY Wood Carving

Furniture Leg Carrot Nose

Then, it was time to bring out the hot glue gun. Two buttons for eyes, eight baby buttons for the grin, and one re-sized and re-shaped piece of a furniture leg were all glued to the smallest yarn covered foam board to make the adorable face.

DIY Snowman Face

I also hot glued three black buttons to the middle section.

DIY Craft Yarn Snowman

Finally, I attached the three snowball pieces together with more hot glue and added the arms to the back as a final touch.

Snowman  Stick Arms

The sticks don’t have to be the same length. They just have to appear the same length from the front.

Isn’t he cute?

HDGC Snowman

I love him! I gave him to my mother-in-law last weekend and she really likes him. Yay!

Please hop around and check out all of the other amazing projects for this month’s challenge.

Image Map

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Create a Simple and Functional Command Center

With both of my kids in school this year, it was finally time to figure out some sort of organizational system for all of our paperwork. Not that we aren’t organized normally, but with two rugrats bringing home enough paper to equal half of a rain forest worth of trees, we needed something that would keep everything in check. Enter the command center…


Over the years, I have seen some pretty amazing command centers. These spaces are usually centrally located in the home and contain everything needed to keep the household running smoothly. Stuff like calendars, clocks, chalkboards, bulletin boards, binders, folders, files, menu planners, and the list goes on and on. I knew that I didn’t have room for all of that business (just a tiny wall in our kitchen), so I had to figure out how to create a simple and functional command center in a small space.

To cover the basics, I ordered all of our main command center pieces from Ikea. (Ikea didn’t compensate us for any of this; we just really liked the price and how the pieces came together.)

Command Center Organization Station

Our calendar is just something that I whipped up and had printed as a engineering print (18″x24″) at our local print shop. I placed it in a large Ribba frame (19 3/4 x 27 1/2) with the mat. We can write all of the important stuff we have coming up on the front of the plexiglass and erase it with ease. Hopefully, this will keep us from forgetting dance or soccer practice and all of those other things that we need to be available for.

Dry Erase Calendar

I’ve included the PDF file for the calendar, in case you would like to print your own. Click the image below to get yours now!

All of our printables are currently FREE for download for personal use only. (View Terms of Use.)

Calendar Printable

To organize all of our papers and bills, I ordered the Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack. Each of the kids gets one slot for important school papers and the rest are designated for bills, other mail, and etc., which holds blank paper for note taking and a weekly calendar for menu planning.

Hanging File

I placed a cork board (painted with white paint to make stripes) in another smaller Ribba frame so that we can hang up any little bits of fun or info we have until we can file them.

Painted Cork Board

All of the dry erase markers are corralled in a small canning jar, along with a few extra pencils, and placed on the counter for easy access.

Marker Pencil Holder

This little wall in our kitchen has turned out to have a huge impact on our family organization and I am feeling a lot less anxiety with this system in place.

IMG_8807Do you have a family command center? How do you keep organized during the school year? We would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below!


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