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$100 Room Challenge: Week 2 – Plans and Paint

So, I’m a little bit late to the game for week 2 of the $100 Room Challenge. Which means that there will be two updates this week for you! To start off, check out our plans and paint for our bathroom makeover!


During week 1, I shared all of the eerie before photos and this lovely mood board. We are only working with $100 to get our bathroom looking pretty, so we are going to need to get creative with how we achieve this look.


Here’s our to-do list and we have a few of the items already finished:

  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the doors/trim/vanity cabinet
  • Spray paint door hardware
  • Build a ladder to put around/above the toilet.
  • Get wire baskets for storage
  • Add a can light above the toilet area
  • Make a frame for the existing mirror
  • Replace light switches/plates/GFCI outlet/thermostat
  • Add hooks for towels
  • Decorate with items already owned


Last week our house was struck with a stomach bug that had our little guy out of commission for almost 7 days. With only one bathroom in the house, it was hard to try and get all of the painting done in the midst gastrointestinal explosions. (Too much? Sorry.) Anyway, we finally finished after 7 million coats.

Bathroom Plans and Paint Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

OK.  That may be a bit of an exaggeration. We did have to go over the cabinets, doors, and trim quite a few times (4-6 depending on the surface) to cover the existing stain.  We started by sanding everything to rough up the surfaces.  Next, we applied 1-2 coats of Zinsser primer. Then, we painted on top of that with Behr Pure White semi-gloss paint, which was left over from our daughter’s bedroom makeover.

Bathroom Paint Colors

Because we are working with a pretty tight budget for this makeover, we decided to get our Benjamin Moore Pale Oak paint color matched to Glidden Semi Gloss. This ended up saving us some dough! To save even more money, we spray painted the existing hardware with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze, which was also left over from previous projects.

Bathroom Paint Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze

We are really liking the Pale Oak paint color on the walls.  It is a lovely neutral greige and seems to add a little warmth the cool white paint in the room.

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$100 Room Challenge: Week 1 – Bathroom on a Budget

We’ve been slowly moving along on our progress at The Country House since fall.  With all of the holidays, birthdays, etc., it has been hard to get a lot done, but we’ve made a little dent in the dining room, which I will be sharing soon. However, today I wanted to share our newest plans with you for our bathroom! I’m all about saving money, so this will be a bathroom on a budget!


This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full disclosure.

And as you may have guessed from the title and graphic above, this bathroom makeover with also be part of the $100 Room Challenge. I’m so excited to be joining my friend Erin from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry who is the brains behind this challenge. (Thanks, Erin for the invitation!) The gist of the challenge is pretty simple: makeover a room for only $100 in only 4 weeks.  Click over to Erin’s blog for more detailed info.

Behold, THE bathroom!

That’s right. There is currently only ONE in our home.

$100 Room Challenge Bathroom Before

In its current state, our bathroom is blah and boring.

Small Makeover for Bathroom on a Budgetr

We are not huge fans of the cherry colored stain on the doors and vanity.

Small Bathroom Sink

The flooring is pretty UGH too.

Bathroom Vanity

The thrown itself is tucked back behind the tub/shower and even though you can not tell from this photo, it is kind of a black hole back there.  (The only lights in the room are above the sink.)

Bathroom Toilet Storage

So, as you can see, we have a ton that we need to do in here to bring things up to date and to mesh with our personal style.

Below is the mood board that I whipped up for this challenge. If we were to buy all of these items, we would go way over our $100 budget! The paint alone will probably knock out 1/3 of that amount! However, we are a crafty/thrifty family and are going to get pretty creative with this makeover. Wish us luck!


Sources:  Mirror | Robe Hook | Ladder | Hand Towel | Faux Plant

Over the next 4 weeks, I will be sharing our plans and progress with you.  Think we can pull this off?

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Don’t forget to check out the other participants in this challenge and see all the amazing/budget friendly designs and ideas these bloggers are coming up with!

Tween Bedroom Makeover Details and Sources

You guys! I must apologize. In the final reveal post, I said that I would share all of the Tween Bedroom Makeover Details and Sources with you last week. Oops! Over a week has passed and I’m just now getting around to finishing up this post. Part of it was probably laziness and the other part was burn out. I hear that completely overhauling a room in just 6 weeks can do that to a person. *wink* However, I’m ready to jump back in and tell you all about it.

One Room Challenge Tween Bedroom Reveal

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure.

To see all of the before photos, mood board, and all of the final photos of this space, click here!

As I already mentioned, this room was completely renovated. After some major gutting of the old carpets, we added new floors (peel and stick faux wood) and painted the walls (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl in Satin @ 50% ), trim, and doors (Behr Pure White in Semigloss).

Tween Bedroom White Door Hanger

Over Door Hooks | Door Handle | Thermostat

We also replaced all of the electrical outlets, switches/plates, and the ugly almond thermostat.

Aren’t these printable art pieces perfect?  Guess what!?  They were all free!

Tween Bedroom Printable Gold Pink Art

Have Courage Be Kind | Glitter Initial | Don’t Quit Your Daydream | Frame

Since this room was craving some storage, we added large white boxes in the closet to help corral clutter and collections.

Tween Bedroom Closet Organization

White Storage Boxes

This pretty dress form is now a display area for new and vintage necklaces. Our creative girl also likes fashion and design, so her fabrics and sewing machine are just behind the doors of the closet. When inspiration hits, she can remove the necklaces and pin up a new outfit .

Tween Bedroom Neutral Dressform

Dress Form | Blinds

Finding a tufted headboard that our daughter liked and also fit our budget was a bit of a challenge. It seemed that every place we looked was out of stock of this particular one. However, after a little waiting, we were able to score this puppy and it looks so beautiful in this space.

Tween Bedroom Twin Bed and Nightstand


Aren’t these Morrocan mirrors cute? We snagged them for just $16 from Marshalls. The scale is a little off for my liking, but my daughter loved the shape and they just happened to go with the room.

Tween Bedroom Bed

The nightstand was a last minute idea. My hubby built this one from scratch, using building plans from Anna White. A drawer and a few pretty boxes below add more storage to this small room.

Tween Bedroom Nightstand and Storage

Drawer Knob | Pink Storage Box | Floral Storage Box 

The gray and white clover pattern bedding was our first purchase for the room and one that we are so happy with. The duvet cover is reversible (gray on white) and adds some nice pattern in here.

Tween Bedroom Beige Gray White Pink

Duvet & Sham | Pink Pillow

By looking at this room, you probably wouldn’t guess that our daughter’s favorite color is purple. What? That’s right. The girl loves all things lavender. However, when looking for inspiration, she kept coming back to rooms that featured touches of pink and ultimately decided she liked the warmth and softness of a light pink color vs. purple.

Tween Bedroom Nightstand Acessories

Lamp – Passed On From Family | Pink Flameless Candle | Notepad

One item I haven’t talked about yet is this plush, cream, shag carpet we picked out. Since the new floors are pretty dark, we wanted to brighten the area with a soft rug. This fluffy option is perfect for stepping onto right out of bed in the morning. Or practicing splits and stretches.  Whatever you may fancy.

Tween Bedroom Cream Shag Carpet

Area Rug

And if you’ve been following along, you may remember chandelier-gate 2016. (OK, it wasn’t really a scandal.) This pretty little number gave us a few installation problems, but luckily we worked them out.

Tween Bedroom Chandelier Crystals

Chandelier | Ceiling Medallion

I already shared the details of how we built this “dresker” using two small chests of drawers. It is such a functional piece of furniture in this room since it doubles as both a dresser and a desk.

Tween Bedroom Desk/Dresser

3 Drawer Chest | Drawer Pulls | Chair | Faux Sheepskin | Waste Can

The swivel chair and faux sheepskin were a few last minute requests from our daughter…

Tween Bedroom Pink White Acessories

Pink Frame | Deer Print | Lamp | Plant & Pot

Along with some of these pretty accessories.

Tween Bedroom Desk Accessories

Jewelry Tree | Flowers | Pencil Holder

We wanted a place for the little miss to display photos and important reminders, so I whipped up this easy pinboard with an old corkboard, some dropcloth, baker’s twine, and upholstery tacks.

Tween Bedroom Dresker

White Chromebook | Pom Pom Stickers

Wowza! I think that covers all of the tween bedroom makeover details and sources. We are so happy with how this room turned out and it is currently our favorite space in the house. Now we need to get working on some other rooms! Hmmm… I wonder which one will be next?

One Room Challenge Week Six – Tween Bedroom Reveal

You guys!  It is the end of week six of the One Room Challenge and to say that I am ecstatic would definitely be an understatement. These past six weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of work, but we are so excited with the way everything turned out. Check out our Tween Bedroom Reveal!

One Room Challenge Tween Bedroom Reveal

But first, let’s go back to the beginning and review where we started. Ugh. This room really needed some help.

Day Bed White Bedroom Before After Door Hanger Old Carpet

The old carpet and dark trim were just not working for us, not to mention the mismatched random furniture and lack of accessories just made to room look blah.

Stained Closet Doors Desk Dress form Bedroom Before

OK.  Now, scrub your brain of those old, mismatched images and let’s move on to the pretty pics!

After some brainstorming with my daughter about how she wanted her room to look, plus some research to achieve that look on a budget, we came up with a beautiful and affordable mood board and design plan.


Here’s what was on the to-do list…

  • Remove old carpet and replace flooring
  • Paint walls, trim, & doors
  • Replace old electrical plates, outlets, and switches
  • Add new lighting
  • Install window coverings
  • Create a workspace that can also double as clothes storage
  • Bring in color and textures with accessories
  • Organize craft & art supplies, books, toys, and clothing

Come on in.  Stay awhile.

This room is now our favorite in the house and we hope you enjoy the visual tour as much as we (especially our daughter) are loving the real thing. Let’s start at the entry door and work our way around the room.

Since this reveal is so pic heavy, I will be sharing more details and all of the sources next week in a separate post. Enjoy!

Tween Bedroom Makeover Desk and Door

Tween Bedroom White Door Hanger

Tween Bedroom Printable Gold Pink Art

Tween Bedroom Closet Organization

Tween Bedroom Neutral Dressform

Tween Bedroom Heirloom Vintage Necklaces

Tween Bedroom Twin Bed and Nightstand

Tween Bedroom Bed

Tween Bedroom Nightstand and Storage

Tween Bedroom Beige Gray White Pink

Tween Bedroom Nightstand Acessories

Tween Bedroom Cream Shag Carpet

Tween Bedroom Chandelier Crystals

Tween Bedroom Silver Chandelier White Medallion

Tween Bedroom Desk/Dresser

Tween Bedroom Pink White Acessories

Tween Bedroom Desk Laptop Notebook

Tween Bedroom Desk Accessories

Tween Bedroom Dresker

There was so much to do and we didn’t know if six weeks would be enough time to finish! Thank goodness we’ve lived to tell the tale of our first One Room Challenge. Now I think it is time to hibernate for the winter and recover from this whole process.  Well, maybe just for the weekend. *Wink*

If you have missed any of the progress in this room, feel free to go back and check out how we went from meh to marvelous!

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