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Modern Farmhouse Decor Finds

If you’ve been around the blog for awhile, you probably know how much I love my modern farmhouse decor. It’s simple and relaxed but still looks oh so pretty. And, since I’ve been sharing a lot more of our home and all of the updates/styling we’ve done, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about where to buy certain items on a budget. I’ve searched around and found some fun pieces you can get for under $100!

This post contains affiliate links for convenience. This means I make a small commission when you purchase from the link, but at no extra cost to you. Click here to read my full disclosure.

If you are on a really tight budget, check out my post for more affordable farmhouse decor finds under $40!

Olive Wreath

I kind of have a wreath obsession.  I love all kinds of wreaths and this olive wreath definitely hits the mark.  The price is reasonable and size is great.  Plus, even though it looks real, it is faux, so that means it will last!

Home Sweet Home Doormat

We own 2 of these doormats! One is at our front door and the other is at the chicken coop entry. They definitely help keep attract mud on shoes and paws, therefore keeping the mess inside to a minimum… Most of the time.

5 Light Black Chandelier

This black chandelier is also one that we love.  We’ve had one of these (or a very similar one) in 3 of our last 4 homes.  They are simple, classic, and work with many kinds of decor.

Numbered Wall Hook

Aren’t these numbered hooks the cutest? This piece is definitely on my to-buy list! I love how each family member could have their own coat/bookbag hook.

Enameled Metal Bread Box

A fun, vintage looking bread box is a great way to dress up any farmhouse style kitchen. And this one has plenty of room to store several different types of bread items (loaf, bagels, etc.) at the same time.

Windmill Hanger

Windmills are becoming so popular on the farmhouse decor scene. They have a great rustic, industrial vibe and are a great statement piece for any farmhouse.

Black/White Tassel Throw Blanket

What’s not to love about this cozy throw blanket? It is a great way to add a little stripey fun when draped over a sofa and what better way to get snuggly warm than wrapped up in a throw while watching Netflix?

Boxwood in Cement Pot

I really feel like boxwoods are such timeless plant. They can look wonderful all pruned to perfection and still seem lovely, even when they are left to their own for a bit. This faux version will not disappoint when adding a little life and greenery to your decor.

Wire and Wood Baskets

I always keep my eyes open for pretty and functional storage pieces because who I can always use more storage. These wire and wood baskets definitely do not disappoint! I love to corral like items in baskets like these, such as stacks of books, magazines, or even rolls of toilet paper.

Which of these items is your favorite? I absolutely love our black chandelier and will definitely be snagging one of those numbered hooks and the throw blanket!

More Dining Room Progress

I hope that you guys don’t mind me sharing little tidbits of our house updates as we do them. We are working with time and on a budget, but it is fun to see the differences as we go along. A lot has changed in our dining room since my last update. We really pushed to get some of the stuff on our list done (i.e. floors) to be ready to host Easter.  And in the past couple of days, we’ve made even more dining room progress!

More Dining Room Progress

This room looks so different from when we first moved in!

Dining Room

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission when you purchase a product from the link. However, there is no extra cost to you.  Read my full disclosure.

Last fall we found this oak dining table for sale on Facebook for $60 and painted it white. It extends to fit 6 people and fits perfectly in our dining room. I love the spindle-y legs! Right now, it is a bit too bright of a white. At some point, I will repaint it and then distress is a bit. But that is for a later date!

New Dining Table

We also recently bought the large rattan chairs. I knew with a white table and chairs that we would need some warmth in this room. After seeing Bre’s dining room chairs (Rooms For Rent), I knew that I wanted a similar look. I found these at Ikea.Wicker Dining Chair

We still love the script numbered chairs, so they are here to stay. For now. As for the old sentimental windows, I’m still not sure. I accidentally broke a pane out of the one on the left. Should I take the rest out or leave it as it for some added character? ;)

Script Numbered Chairs

We also finally put up some drop cloth curtains. I have a few different ideas about how to deal with the length once it gets colder again and we need to use the baseboard heaters. However, I haven’t decided what we will do for sure.

Drop Cloth Curtains

Our little coffee bar seems to get moved back and forth in the room all of the time! It is back on the short wall and I added a new dry erase calendar above it to help keep us organized. Eventually, I may add some shelves here and move the calendar to another spot to create a command center.

Coffee Bar Calendar

This old table was in our last house for just a bit. It belonged to my great aunt and was perfect for holding some extra items over the holiday weekend. We are still in search of the perfect buffet for this area, but for now, this seems to work!

Old Table Windows Fiddle Leaf

Finally, I moved my tea towel kitchen measurements “art” to the wall by the kitchen.  I like how the piece adds a little contrast to this space.

Tea Towel Kitchen Measurements

This room is really coming along, but we still have several projects we would like to accomplish in here, including:

  1. Replace outlets/switchplates/thermostat
  2. Do a faux shiplap wall treatment
  3. Touch up the table
  4. Add a buffet
  5. Paint the walls
  6. Put up shelving
  7. Finish trim painting

However, since the main area is looking pretty good, we aren’t in any hurry. We still have several other rooms that need some lovin’ first, in addition to outside projects (the chicken coop/run, replacing the roof, planting trees/grass, and cleaning up our garage.) We hope you will continue to follow along!


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Slipper Chair Upholstery Makeover

Sometimes with DIY, I pretend like I know what I’m doing. For example, check out this chair in the corner of our living room. I mentioned on Instagram that it needed a little help. However, I’m not a seamstress, upholsterer, or a person who really knows anything about sewing/upholstery. But I definitely faked it to look like I do with this slipper chair upholstery makeover.

Slipper Chair Upholstery Makeover

Here you can see how bad the chair was damaged.

Yeah. All of that was done by our sweet kitty, Rowan.

Beige Slipper Chair

I’m not sure if it was the weave of the fabric that attracted him (it wasn’t very tight) or the sleek style of the chair *wink*.

Cat Clawed Chair Furniture Corner

The chair was also rocking some pretty creepy looking stains. Once or twice, our son had spilled a drink on the chair and even though I soaked up the liquid and cleaned the fabric, it remained stained.

Trying to clean it possibly stained it more!

Stained Chair Seat

This chair is pretty comfy and we wanted to keep it, so obviously, it needed some help. I started by un-velcroing the fabric on the bottom of the chair and removed the back and legs to dismantle the chair into pieces. Our pup, Harper, helped out too.

Golden Retriever Helps Projects

I hope not to offend those who do upholstery (am I using that word correctly?), but honestly, this project with pretty much just tucking, folding, pulling, and stapling the fabric (canvas drop cloth) around the base and back pieces.

Staples Upholstery

And I must say that it looks a lot better!

Drop Cloth Covered Chair

Because I’m not the best with a sewing machine, I opted to just fold all of the edges under to make a straight line down the corners.

Upholster Chair Corners

The back piece was another story. Even though I still folded everything, I had to sew the pieces together with a few quick knots of thread every few inches. I’m not really sure what this is called or if it is even a real technique that people use, but it worked for me.

Upholstered Drop Cloth Chair

This chair is by no means perfect, but I think it turned out pretty good for a girl with no upholstery skills whatsoever. The best part thus far is that the cat has left the chair alone!

Drop Cloth Chair Swiss Cross Pillow

What do you think of this chair’s new look? Did I totally ruin the good name of upholsterers everywhere by botching this up more? Or did it turn out reasonably enough to pass the test?


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