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$100 Room Challenge Week 3 – DIY Barn Wood Headboard

About 1.5 months ago, we finally purchased the king sized bed that we had been wanting. Woohoo! Do you know how awesome it is to have so much space for sleeping? If you don’t, I will tell you that it is absolutely amazing!!! Anyway, since we already have the bed and we are working on our bedroom for the $100 Room Challenge, we decided to make a DIY Barn Wood Headboard for week 3.

See the before pics and our plan for the master bedroom.

Barn Wood Headboard

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This piece of barn wood is actually a door from an old building that was at my grandparents’ house. After my grandparents passed away, my parents moved in and were nice enough to give it to us when they redid the building. It has just been sitting around waiting for the right time/use to come along.

Aged Barn Wood

See how distressed it is, with the chippy paint and cracked wood? But that just gives it that much more character!

Distressed Painted Barn Wood

This project was a two person job. While my hubby, Chris, cleaned up the barn wood, I free handed a template for the top of the headboard. Then, I just taped it on and traced it with a sharpie. After that, Chris cut it out using a jigsaw and sanded while I made lunch. He also added a few coats of Polycrylic to seal everything in, just in case the existing paint had lead in it.

Headboard Template

Finally, we lugged it inside and put it in place. Doesn’t it look good?

DIY Barn Wood Headboard

We noticed that after adding the Polycrylic, the wood actually darkened. I’m not sure if I will eventually add some white wash to the headboard to lighten it just a bit, but for now, we are sticking with it as is.

Handmade Wood Headboard

With just this one project, our master bedroom looks so much better! Not only are we sleeping better because of our new mattress and foundation, but this headboard really adds some farmhouse feels to the space. And that is just the look we are going for!

Master Bedroom

Oh, and I almost forgot! I finally put on the dust ruffle we purchased when we got the bed. #slacker

Rustic Headboard Dust Ruffle

Don’t you think our DIY barn wood headboard turned out great?

This headboard adds the perfect amount of romance to the room with the soft curve but also keeps things from getting too girly with the rustic, chippy paint.

Romantic Bedroom Furniture

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$100 Room Challenge: Week 3 – Bathroom Progress

We are in the midst of week 3 of the $100 Room Challenge and we still have so much to do! Earlier this week, I shared our plans for the room, as well as the paint colors we chose. Getting the painting done made a huge impact on the brightness in the room.  We’ve made a little more bathroom progress since then, but our list still has quite a few projects on it and we are running out of time! Eek!

Bathroom Progress DIY Ladder

This week, we were able to build a ladder that goes around/above our toilet. It was so easy to put together and cost us less than $5 for the wood! You may be wondering why I wanted to add a ladder to the bathroom. I’m hoping that it will bring in some color once it is stained and be a place for added storage by hanging baskets on it.

Storage Ladder in Bathroom

To build this puppy, we started out with 2 –  2″x3″ pine boards cut to 6′ in length and 3 – 1 1/8″ dowels cut to 24″.  This dowel width allowed for the ladder to easily fit around the sides of our toilet tank. Then, my hubs used a 1 1/8″ paddle drill bit to create holes in the long boards and we just pushed the dowels in through the holes until they came out to the edge. So simple!

Easy Build Ladder

I know that is not a lot of progress for this week and this coming weekend I’m heading to The Bahamas! Woohoo!  Meanwhile, my loving husband will be sticking it out at home with the kids and doing the electrical work for the bathroom. (Outlets, lighting, etc.) Then, when I get back, it will be a race to finish up the rest of the room!

Bathroom Progress Electrical Work

Let’s check on the to-do list and see how much we have left!

  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the doors/trim/vanity cabinet
  • Spray paint door hardware
  • Build a ladder to put around/above the toilet.
  • Get wire baskets for storage
  • Add a can light above the toilet area
  • Make a frame for the existing mirror
  • Replace light switches/plates/GFCI outlet/thermostat
  • Add hooks for towels
  • Decorate with items already owned

Yikes! The list is still pretty hefty.  Pray for a miracle that we will be able to pull this off in time! Oh, and check out the other participants to see how their room makeovers are coming along.

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Create & Share Challenge: Holiday Wreath Display

The holidays are almost upon us! Can you believe how fast 2016 went? Me neither. For my last attempt at holiday decor (I’ve shared my Christmas tree and entryway decor) I wanted to share this holiday wreath display that is currently hanging in our dining area.

This post is brought to you by Elizabeth Joan Designs in collaboration with Cutting Edge Stencils. Although I did receive a product from Cutting Edge Stencils, all opinions are my own. Click here to view my full disclosure.

Holiday Wreath Display

This month, I’m joining up for my second Create & Share Challenge, hosted by Casa Watkins and Pocketful of Posies!  Thanks, Ladies! There are 9 other amazing projects, so make sure to check them out at the bottom of this post! (View my first Create & Share Challenge project.)

So wait… what is this challenge? Well, participants are tasked with using their personal decor style to create a project centering around one main item. And this month, we are working with holiday stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils! For this project, I made a fun and neutral holiday wreath display and it was so easy to create!

Stenciled Wreath Display

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To make this holiday wreath display, you will need:

  • Holiday Cheer Christmas Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils
  • Painter’s Tape
  • 48″ X 26.5″ Plywood
  • Trim Pieces cut to 26.5″ and 45″
  • Wood Stain
  • Old Rag
  • Paint Brush
  • 2 Paint Colors (I used Waverly Chalk Acrylic Paint in White and Silver Lining.)
  • Small Paint Roller
  • Screwdriver and Screws
  • Hammer and Nails

To start, I used an old rag to apply Minwax stain (Early American) to the trim pieces.

Wood Stain Rustoleum Early American

While the trim pieces were drying, I painted one side of the plywood with white paint.

Waverly Chalk White Paint Brush

When the white paint was dry, it was time to stencil!  I don’t think I’ve ever used a larger stencil like this before and I could not believe how simple the process was.  I simply used painter’s tape to attach the stencil to the middle of my board and used a smaller paint roller to apply the gray paint.  Once I was finished with one section, I carefully pulled up the stencil and repositioned it in a new spot with part of it overlaying a previously painted section.

Holiday Stencil Gray Paint

Next, I assembled the trim pieces to make a frame.  I used screws to attach the ends together. (Oops, I forgot to get a photo of that!)

Then, I laid the plywood on top of the frame and nailed around the back edges.

Hammer and Nail Wreath Display

You can see below that the corners of the trim were not mitered. I just put the straight edges together with the shorter pieces on the outside.

Easy peasy!

Holiday Wreath Display Stencil Detail

If you want to hang your creation, you can attach sawtooth picture hangers or D-rings to the back. Didn’t this turn out lovely?

Gray and White Stenciled Wall Hanging

To finish, add your favorite wreath! I chose a pretty boxwood wreath and attached it with a ribbon and thumb tack at the top. This holiday wreath display is currently hanging in our dining area and we love how it looks! You may have noticed that the dining area is starting to look a bit different. (See the before photos in our Country House Tour.)  We’ve been working on it bit by bit and I will have a full update of the entire space after the holidays!

Stenciled Holiday Wreath Display

One of my favorite things about this holiday wreath display is that is can be used well beyond the holiday season and into the new year!

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One Room Challenge Week Six – Tween Bedroom Reveal

You guys!  It is the end of week six of the One Room Challenge and to say that I am ecstatic would definitely be an understatement. These past six weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of work, but we are so excited with the way everything turned out. Check out our Tween Bedroom Reveal!

One Room Challenge Tween Bedroom Reveal

But first, let’s go back to the beginning and review where we started. Ugh. This room really needed some help.

Day Bed White Bedroom Before After Door Hanger Old Carpet

The old carpet and dark trim were just not working for us, not to mention the mismatched random furniture and lack of accessories just made to room look blah.

Stained Closet Doors Desk Dress form Bedroom Before

OK.  Now, scrub your brain of those old, mismatched images and let’s move on to the pretty pics!

After some brainstorming with my daughter about how she wanted her room to look, plus some research to achieve that look on a budget, we came up with a beautiful and affordable mood board and design plan.


Here’s what was on the to-do list…

  • Remove old carpet and replace flooring
  • Paint walls, trim, & doors
  • Replace old electrical plates, outlets, and switches
  • Add new lighting
  • Install window coverings
  • Create a workspace that can also double as clothes storage
  • Bring in color and textures with accessories
  • Organize craft & art supplies, books, toys, and clothing

Come on in.  Stay awhile.

This room is now our favorite in the house and we hope you enjoy the visual tour as much as we (especially our daughter) are loving the real thing. Let’s start at the entry door and work our way around the room.

Since this reveal is so pic heavy, I will be sharing more details and all of the sources next week in a separate post. Enjoy!

Tween Bedroom Makeover Desk and Door

Tween Bedroom White Door Hanger

Tween Bedroom Printable Gold Pink Art

Tween Bedroom Closet Organization

Tween Bedroom Neutral Dressform

Tween Bedroom Heirloom Vintage Necklaces

Tween Bedroom Twin Bed and Nightstand

Tween Bedroom Bed

Tween Bedroom Nightstand and Storage

Tween Bedroom Beige Gray White Pink

Tween Bedroom Nightstand Acessories

Tween Bedroom Cream Shag Carpet

Tween Bedroom Chandelier Crystals

Tween Bedroom Silver Chandelier White Medallion

Tween Bedroom Desk/Dresser

Tween Bedroom Pink White Acessories

Tween Bedroom Desk Laptop Notebook

Tween Bedroom Desk Accessories

Tween Bedroom Dresker

There was so much to do and we didn’t know if six weeks would be enough time to finish! Thank goodness we’ve lived to tell the tale of our first One Room Challenge. Now I think it is time to hibernate for the winter and recover from this whole process.  Well, maybe just for the weekend. *Wink*

If you have missed any of the progress in this room, feel free to go back and check out how we went from meh to marvelous!

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