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    Painted Fieldstone Bookends

    You probably already know how much I love an inexpensive project.  When I can put together a craft quickly and for free, it may be one of the best things in the world! And these Painted Fieldstone Bookends are just the ticket.

    White Paint Fieldstone Bookends

    Recently, we were tilling the field at the Country House (we plan to plant that area with grass soon) to add space to our yard and we found tons of fieldstones. Of course, it seemed completely natural (pun intended) to use a some of these free stones for a project. After a conversation with my sister, I finally chose to use the fieldstones as bookends, but the needed to be gussied up just a bit.

    Fieldstone Paint Craft

    The supplies used for this project included:

    • Fieldstones w/ Flat Sides (size is subjective)
    • White Acrylic Paint
    • Small Paint Brush
    • Pencil w/ Eraser
    • Flat Head Pin

    For the polka dot rock, I pushed the pin into the end of a pencil eraser for more stability and dotted each little paint circle in a line, creating several rows around the stone.

    Polka Dot Paint Technique

    The striping technique was even easier. I just used a small paint brush to paint on each stripe.

    Painting Stripes on Stones

    After a few minutes of drying, these Painted Fieldstone Bookends were ready for use. I put them in my son’s room to hold up several of his favorite Shel Silverstein books next to his bed for easy access. We always love reading a little story here and there.

    Fieldstone Bookends Decor Vintage Books

    The bookends could even be used as a simple, yet rustic paperweight. I love that I was able to use these cool fieldstones from our property to make a speedy craft.

    Painted Fieldstone Bookends

    Thanks so much for checking out my Painted Fieldstone Bookends! The best crafts are free, so if you find a fieldstone around your house, you should definitely try making some of these.

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    Vintage Animal Bookmarks

    It’s the middle of August and school will be starting in the next couple of weeks for our kids. Since our summer is officially coming to an end soon, I’m a little bit sad to see those warm lazy days go, plus our youngest will be going into Kindergarten, which always pulls at a mama’s heartstrings. However, with a new school year comes more homework and reading, so I thought I would share these fun and easy to make Vintage Animal Bookmarks with you.

    Laminated Vintage Bunny Bookmark

    These sweet bookmarks are so cute and would be great to slip into a card or package for your favorite bibliophile. Plus, you can whip them up in just a few minutes and only need a few supplies.

    Materials needed:

    • Vintage Animals (Printed On White Cardstock)
    • Colored, Textured, or Patterned Cardstock
    • Scissors
    • Glue Stick
    • Laminator (or Clear Contact Paper)

    I chose an adorable bunny for my daughter and a cool blue fish for my son (both images from The Graphics Fairy), although these would work great for an adult too. Find your favorite animal and let’s get to work!

    Animals Printed on Paper

    To start, cut out the animal shape with scissors. Keep your scissors handy, because you will definitely need them a few more times.

    Cutting Out Animal Shapes with Scissors

    Next, using the glue stick, attach the animal to the back side (non-textured/patterned side) of the colored cardstock.

    Glue Fish on Blue Paper

    Then, cut around the animal again, so that the print is on one side and the texture/pattern in on the reverse.

    Animal Rabbit Fish Shapes

    Finally, fire up the laminator, run the animal bookmarks through, and cut them out, leaving a little bit of extra edge. (If you don’t have access to a laminator, you can sandwich the bookmarks between pieces of clear contact paper.) This last step will give them some much need durability.

    Laminated Blue Pink Animals

    How cute did these vintage animal bookmarks turn out? I love that little bunny. Which animal would you choose to use?

    Vintage Animal Bookmarks

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    Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Coasters

    Every once in a while, I will have an amazingly awesome idea for a project. However, this idea was not entirely my own. One weekend while at my parents house, I was trying to come up with some quick craft ideas. My brain was mush and I could not think of anything worthy of my time. Lucky for me, my parents are pretty creative people themselves and my Dad piped up with the idea of making carpet coasters. Genius! I took the idea and ran with it. (Thanks, Dad!)

    Indoor Outdoor Carpet Coasters

    After some more deliberating, I decided that the carpet needed to be a fairly thin, low pile piece so that glasses would be able to easily sit on top without spilling. It also needed to be cheap and waterproof. Here’s what I rounded up to make the carpet coasters:

    • Indoor/outdoor carpet
    • Mug
    • Pen
    • Scissors

    The indoor/outdoor carpet I chose was just a very simple (and inexpensive) dark gray style that would go with most decor. I made sure that the bottom of it had a waterproof rubber backing, since I wanted to prevent any sweat from glass beverages coming contact with a table. The rubber also helps to hold all of the fibers in place after the carpet is cut.

    Indoor Outdoor Carpet

    To make your own, first use the open end of a mug and trace around it onto the back of the rug with a pen to create the shape of the coaster. You could choose any shape for your coaster, but I preferred mine to be round.

    Trace Mug Carpet Back

    Next, using sharp scissors, cut out your shape.

    Cut Carpet With Scissors

    In just a few minutes, you can have a set of four coasters cut and ready to go!

    Carpet Rug Circles Stacked

    If you are making these coasters as a gift, you can continue to cut out sets from the existing carpet piece. However, I just needed four coasters, so I decided to cut the rough rug end to match the other and it is now perfectly useful in front of our door. So, nothing is wasted!

    Carpet Rug Small Coasters

    Aren’t these great? You could place them on an end table or coffee table to give your guests a spot for their drink or use them outside during a bbq. So easy and useful!

    Indoor Outdoor Rug Coasters

    If you get ambitious, you could even add some fun designs, like stripes or polka dots with paint in a contrasting color to make these babies pop! Plus, there are tons of neat patterns and colors for indoor/outdoor rugs for you to choose from!

    Indoor Outdoor Carpet Coasters

    This post was originally published at Domestically Speaking on February 29, 2015.