Half Bathroom Remodel Part 2: The Final Reveal

Pop the cork on the champagne! Pull out the streamers and balloons! The big Half Bathroom Remodel Part 2: The Final Reveal is finally here! Since we started our remodel way back in January, to finally be done with the bathroom is definitely a reason to celebrate. Woohoo!

Reveal 1

To see where it all began check out {Half Bathroom Remodel Part 1}.

We have recently added some shelving above our commode, to give our washroom some added storage.  For the shelves, we picked a 1″ high x 1′ deep x 6′ long piece of pine from The Home Depot. While we were there, we had them cut it into 3 equal pieces. Once we were home, I slapped a couple coats of white paint on each board.

To attach the shelves to the wall I used some brackets leftover from another project. They can be picked up at your local hardware store for around a buck a piece. For these shelves, I like how chunky these brackets are.

Reveal 3

My diy {baskets} and {apothecary jars} provide cute, functional storage in our bathroom. I also added a picture frame with the words You Are Beautiful in it. Who doesn’t like a good ego bust in the mornings?

Reveal 4

During this remodel, I had my first adventure in basic electrical work. When I flip the switch, the light comes on, so I called it a success. And I didn’t get shocked! Yay! I do not have a picture of the before light, but I assure you, this one is a huge improvement.

Reveal 2

The mirror was a great find by my awesome sister, who picked it up for free. I happily traded her an old window I wasn’t using for it.

We love our new bathroom! I am impressed that we were able to do it all ourselves. It was hard work and took us several months but so worth it.

Reveal Before  Reveal After

9 thoughts on “Half Bathroom Remodel Part 2: The Final Reveal

  1. Kelli Heller

    Oh my gosh I love it! Good job Emily! I have always been afraid of using the pedestal sink because of loosing the cabinet space. What did you do with what you stored in there? Is it in the containers on the shelf? Just curious! :-)

    1. Emily Post author

      Thanks Kelli! I had the same fear about the pedestal sink. Since our half bathroom is pretty small, we decided to give it a try. We love how much easier it is to move around in there. Everything I had stored in the cabinets is now in the baskets on the shelves. Glad you stopped by!

    1. Emily Post author

      The wall color is one I mixed myself from leftover paint. I will be posting tips for mixing your own paint color next week. Thanks for visiting, Linda!

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