2×4 Artwork

This month it is my turn to share a project for The Home Depot Gift Challenge. As you may remember, a group of bloggers, including us, purchase a selected item from The Home Depot and then use it to create a gift (which is also wrapped with a product from THD.) A few of our past projects were an Industrial Book Rack, a Wood Box Caddy, and a Pegboard Luminary. I found this month’s item extremely inspiring. So, I decided to take a plain wood board to a new level with this 2×4 artwork.

2x4 Artwork

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This challenge is in no way associated with The Home Depot. We just love their stuff!

First, I cut slices off of this month’s chosen item, a 2×4, with a miter saw. Ah, power tools! Gotta love them.

Wood Art Work

Wood Slice Art

Next, I used my mouse sander to smooth out the edges of every single wood piece.

I arranged each slice on the backing of an Ikea Ribba picture frame, measured and marked the outline of where the framing would land with a pencil. This way I knew where to make additional cuts so my design would fit in the frame.

Faux Subway Tile Art

DIY Hello Art

Then, each slice was attached to the backing with Loctite 375 Pro Line Heavy Duty Adhesive.

2x4 Slice Design

After that, getting the color just right was a bit more work than anticipated. I stained the wood, sanded it, sanded it some more, gray washed it, sanded it, sanded it again and rubbed stain on it one more time. A lot, right?

Staining and Paint Wood Art

But, it was all worth it in the end.

wood Art

Finally, I printed out a mirror image of the word “hello” on white card stock and used an x-acto knife to carefully cut it out. I attached the letters with tape to the wood slice design. This way it can be easily changed is desired.

I love how this turned out. Who knew you could make such fun artwork from a 2×4?

DIY 2x4 Artwork

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14 thoughts on “2×4 Artwork

  1. Lindi

    I LOVE this!!! What a creative way to use that lumber!! Never ever would’ve thought to do this but it’s amazing! Also, that staining and sanding seemed like a lot of work! Lol

  2. Amy@HomeRemedies

    So clever, Emily! I love the texture you created by using the ends of the 2×4 – such a fun piece of artwork! Now I know what to do with those leftover pieces from my project… :)

  3. Sandra Allen

    I love anything with wood. This however, was very impressive as your slices came out so perfect. Say what they will about plywood and 2 by 4’s, they have wonderful patterns.
    When I burn wood, I see the rich tones and swirls. Your work is just amazing!!


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