Painted Fieldstone Bookends

You probably already know how much I love an inexpensive project.  When I can put together a craft quickly and for free, it may be one of the best things in the world! And these Painted Fieldstone Bookends are just the ticket.

White Paint Fieldstone Bookends

Recently, we were tilling the field at the Country House (we plan to plant that area with grass soon) to add space to our yard and we found tons of fieldstones. Of course, it seemed completely natural (pun intended) to use a some of these free stones for a project. After a conversation with my sister, I finally chose to use the fieldstones as bookends, but the needed to be gussied up just a bit.

Fieldstone Paint Craft

The supplies used for this project included:

  • Fieldstones w/ Flat Sides (size is subjective)
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Pencil w/ Eraser
  • Flat Head Pin

For the polka dot rock, I pushed the pin into the end of a pencil eraser for more stability and dotted each little paint circle in a line, creating several rows around the stone.

Polka Dot Paint Technique

The striping technique was even easier. I just used a small paint brush to paint on each stripe.

Painting Stripes on Stones

After a few minutes of drying, these Painted Fieldstone Bookends were ready for use. I put them in my son’s room to hold up several of his favorite Shel Silverstein books next to his bed for easy access. We always love reading a little story here and there.

Fieldstone Bookends Decor Vintage Books

The bookends could even be used as a simple, yet rustic paperweight. I love that I was able to use these cool fieldstones from our property to make a speedy craft.

Painted Fieldstone Bookends

Thanks so much for checking out my Painted Fieldstone Bookends! The best crafts are free, so if you find a fieldstone around your house, you should definitely try making some of these.

Wine Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Compensation for this post was provided by UncommonGoods. All opinions expressed here are my own. Read my full disclosure.

If you didn’t already know, wine is all the rage right now. Or maybe it always has been? Who knows?! Anyway, I love a good glass of wine while relaxing with my hubby in the evening or hanging out with friends. So, when I came across some amazing wine accessories while perusing through the unique selection at UncommonGoods, I knew that I had to share them with my wine lovin’ friends! Here are 9 Wine Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed. Not a wine connoisseur? No problem! Check out these awesome gifts ideas for women (click here) and these fun personalized gifts (click here).

Wine Accessories

Photos via UncommonGoods

1. Recycled Wine Glasses

Recycled Wine Glasses

2. Wine Jelly

Wine Jelly

3. Wine Infused Cedar Grilling Plank Set

Grilling Plank

4. Oval Oak Wine Carafe

Wine Carafe

5. Wine Pearls

Wine Pearls

6. Red Wine Stain Remover

Wine Stain Remover

7. Merlot Infused Coffee

Merlot Infused Coffee

8. Wine Lover’s Card Deck

Wine Lover's Card Deck

9. Wine Soaps

Wine Soaps

All of these wine accessories are on my wishlist! If you’ve never heard of UncommonGoods before, you should definitely check them out. As an independently owned business, many of their products have a cool back story and a lot of the designers use eco-friendly practices. Plus, they support an amazing cause, The Better to Give program, and donate $1 to the cause of your choice with each purchase. How cool is that? Which of these wine accessories is your favorite?

3 Things I’m Lovin’ – No. 4

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared what’s been on my favorites list (besides my family and our new home), so it’s time for an another edition of 3 Things I’m Lovin’. If you are anything like me, you enjoy seeing what other people like; the things that they’ve tried/tested out and are in love with. I hope you will share with me what you are diggin’ too! (Check out the last list by clicking here.)

No. 1 “I Need More Sleep” Pillowcase

I love this cute graphic pillowcase and it definitely describes how I’ve been feeling lately. I took this cozy pic yesterday to share on Instagram and immediately after, I wanted to snuggle up in my comfy bed.

I Need More Sleep Pillow

No. 2 – Boxwood Wreath

There is something so nice about having fresh greenery in the house and even though this preserved boxwood wreath is not fresh (tricked you!), it looks like it is! I love to use wreaths around our home and the simple, yet elegant, boxwood one is at the top of my list. Perfect for decorating year round!
Boxwood Wreath

No. 3 – Audible

I absolutely love to read, but don’t get to do it as much as I would like to. Luckily, there is the Audible app to the rescue! I can just download the book I want onto my phone and someone else reads it to me. This is a great option for me, since I can listen to the books while driving in the car, cooking dinner, or working out. So convenient!

Audible Truly Madly Guilty

So, those are the things I can’t get enough of right now. What are you lovin’?