Small Dresser Turned Coffee Bar

There aren’t many things better than a fresh cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning. Right? I, however, haven’t always been a connoisseur of the bean. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I actually started drinking coffee in my own home. That’s right. And it is all thanks to a tiny little coffee machine and a small dresser turned coffee bar.

Small Dresser Turned Coffee Bar

I used to be one of those frothy-sugar-filled-fancy-flavored drinks kind of people. You know what I’m talking about. Can you say Frappucino? Anyway, in an effort to cut down on coffee related expenses, I asked Santa for a Keurig for Christmas this past year, so I could make more delicious coffee at home.

Neutral Coffee Station Dresser

Yes, I know you can use a traditional coffee maker to get the job done, but I enjoy the simplicity of a one cup job. I started to experiment with different flavors and types of K-Cups and this picky girl found a few I really love. (My current favorite is Starbucks Caramel with a splash of milk and a few drops of liquid stevia.) Don’t worry! None of the ones I didn’t like went to waste. My hubby will drink pretty much any kind of coffee.

Keurig Black White

So what’s this business about a small dresser turned coffee bar?

Well, when we moved into The Country House, I wanted to keep the items on the counters to a minimum. And lucky for us, we have an abundance of dressers in our home. (I think there are currently 7!) So we moved this simple white dresser into a corner of our dining room to be our coffee station.
Mugs for Tea and Coffee

It is just perfect for corralling almost all of the items we need when making coffee, or tea, or hot cocoa. On the top, we found a cool metal drying rack to hang all of our mugs on. I organized all of the K-Cups and extras, like tea, cocoa, sugar, and cinnamon in the top drawer of the dresser, to keep them accessible, but hidden from plain view.

Monogram Mug Striped Towel

Hanging above the dresser is a cool little art idea that I stole from Emily over at Jones Design Company a few years ago. It is actually a framed tea towel!

Black White Stripe Coffee Bar

I love storing all of our coffee related items together for ease of use. Plus, when I make coffee at home, I’m saving myself a bunch of cash! So, what do you think about our small dresser turned coffee bar?

Vintage Animal Bookmarks

It’s the middle of August and school will be starting in the next couple of weeks for our kids. Since our summer is officially coming to an end soon, I’m a little bit sad to see those warm lazy days go, plus our youngest will be going into Kindergarten, which always pulls at a mama’s heartstrings. However, with a new school year comes more homework and reading, so I thought I would share these fun and easy to make Vintage Animal Bookmarks with you.

Laminated Vintage Bunny Bookmark

These sweet bookmarks are so cute and would be great to slip into a card or package for your favorite bibliophile. Plus, you can whip them up in just a few minutes and only need a few supplies.

Materials needed:

  • Vintage Animals (Printed On White Cardstock)
  • Colored, Textured, or Patterned Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Laminator (or Clear Contact Paper)

I chose an adorable bunny for my daughter and a cool blue fish for my son (both images from The Graphics Fairy), although these would work great for an adult too. Find your favorite animal and let’s get to work!

Animals Printed on Paper

To start, cut out the animal shape with scissors. Keep your scissors handy, because you will definitely need them a few more times.

Cutting Out Animal Shapes with Scissors

Next, using the glue stick, attach the animal to the back side (non-textured/patterned side) of the colored cardstock.

Glue Fish on Blue Paper

Then, cut around the animal again, so that the print is on one side and the texture/pattern in on the reverse.

Animal Rabbit Fish Shapes

Finally, fire up the laminator, run the animal bookmarks through, and cut them out, leaving a little bit of extra edge. (If you don’t have access to a laminator, you can sandwich the bookmarks between pieces of clear contact paper.) This last step will give them some much need durability.

Laminated Blue Pink Animals

How cute did these vintage animal bookmarks turn out? I love that little bunny. Which animal would you choose to use?

Vintage Animal Bookmarks

The Country House: Home Tour Before Photos

Hey there, friends! Are you enjoying your summer? We’ve been super busy these past few weeks and are gearing up for the kids to go back to school soon. Pinky, our 11-year-old daughter, will be in 6th grade and Sweet Pea, our 5-year-old son, is starting kindergarten. Gah! Kids grow too fast! Anyway, we are excited to announce that last Friday we closed on The Country House, so now we are free to start working on all of those projects we’ve wanted to tackle. (You can find out more about our decision to move from the city to the country [here] and the positives and negatives of moving into this particular house [here].) I know that I promised you guys a tour too, so here it is… The Country House Home Tour Before Photos . Let’s get started!

The Country House: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Front Entry & Living Room – Welcome to our home! This space is nice and roomy but it definitely could use some paint and flooring updates. Well, the whole house needs those kinds of updates, but we are excited to tackle them in what we are considering a chapter 1 makeover. Meaning that we will be doing simple and fairly inexpensive makeovers to all of the rooms to make them more our style. This will allow us to live in the space a bit and really get a feel for what we want to do to each of the spaces before we take on chapter 2, i.e. major renovations, and sink a bunch of money into things. I like to refer to them as chapters since this process will be part of the entire story.

Country House Home Tour Before

The other end of The Living Room with our piano – As you can see, this house is heated with baseboard units and we currently have window eyesores air conditioners in some rooms, so it will be interesting to try and decorate around those until we install a heat pump.

Country House Home Tour Before Living Room

The Dining Area – This room is also pretty spacious, at least when compared to our previous breakfast nook. We would like to get a bigger dining table to accommodate guests and maybe a cool buffet.

Country House Home Tour Before Dining Room

The Kitchen – This kitchen may not look amazing right now, but it does have a ton of storage, with two pantries and a lot of cabinets. We don’t have a dishwasher right now, so we would like to add one and update the other appliances too.

Country House Home Tour Before Kitchen

The Laundry Room – In addition to just doing laundry in here, we also pass through this room to get to our attached two car garage (we also have a detached garage.) And even though you can’t see it, there is a decent sized closet on the opposite end of this room which we hope to make into a little office of sorts.

Country House Home Tour Before Laundry

The Hallway – Nothing special here. Just a semi-dark space that needs lightened and brightened.

Country House Home Tour Before Hall

The Bathroom – Our one and only bathroom is very builder basic. We plan to brighten everything with some new lighting and paint.

Country House Home Tour Before Bathroom Vanity Country House Home Tour Before Bathroom

Bedroom One – Here is Sweet Pea’s room. Each of our bedrooms has a good amount of closet space, but the rooms themselves are on the small side. We had to reassign furniture based on what would fit well in each room.

Country House Home Tour Before Bedroom 1

Bedroom Two – This is Pinky’s room. Another item we want to change out in each room is the window coverings. Even though I’m totally a drape-y curtain kind of girl, we are thinking wood blinds for most of the rooms because of the baseboard heating issue. If you have any awesome ideas for our windows, I would love to hear them!

Country House Home Tour Before Bedroom 2

The Master Bedroom – Even though it may look small, this is the biggest bedroom in the house and has a roomy walk in closet. We’ve considered the possibility of adding a small bathroom in the closet, but aren’t sure we want to lose that storage space or what kinds of options we would go with if we did. Also, look at that carpet. Eek! It is pretty worn and discolored, so it will be coming out pretty soon.

Country House Home Tour Before Bedroom 3

So there you have it! A photographic country house home tour before we actually get down to business here. This home has great bones and we do feel like it will be pretty easy to work with. What do you think? We would love for you to follow along with us as we take this place from Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After!

7 Unbelievable Closet Transformations

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