We are on Vacation!

Hi friends. This week we are on vacation! A trip to Disney World for both of our families together! We are extremely excited to spend time with each other and enjoy some fun in the sun.

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If you are planing a road trip or vacation with your family soon, here are a few ideas that may help your planning go a little smoother.

If you are flying, Erin has a few tips and tricks to help you pack your carry on bag.

Packing A Carry On 1

This free printable daily planner will help you and your family stay on schedule.


Looking for a fun little day bag? This DIY reversible bag is just the thing you need for toting around all of your daily necessities.

DIY Tote Bag 3

Keep little ones entertained during those long car trips with this adorable travel activity tray!

Travel Activity Tray 1

These reusable snack bags are good for just about any trip you could be taking, even if it is just a trip to your local park. Plus they are pretty easy to whip up too.

Snack Bag 1

Weather you are spending a week at a beach house, renting a cabin in the woods, or camping/glam-ping, these printable grocery lists and meal planers are a must. They will prevent you from running back and forth from the grocery store which you will allow you to have more time for vacation relaxation.

Grocery List In Action


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Printable Easter Bunny Banner

Today we’re sharing a fun, vintage, printable Easter bunny banner/bunting over at Crafts by Courtney. These neutral little bunnies will look so great almost anywhere around your home and are perfect for welcoming Spring/Easter. Head on over to say “hi” to Courtney and download your banner for FREE!

Easter Bunny Banner


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18 Easter Decorating Ideas

18 Easter Decorating Ideas_edited-1

Today we have a wonderful round-up of Easter ideas for you. All of these amazing ideas come from really talented bloggers. Hop (Easter pun intended) on over and check out their fun projects.

Rustic Industrial Easter Eggs from Cherished Bliss.

Tattoo Easter Eggs from Uncommon Designs 04-3< Easter Bunny Banner from Like The Cheese.15-2

Spring Runner: Burlap and Chevron from Domestically Speaking.Burlap-and-Chevron-Ribbon-1_thumb

Burlap Bunny Ear Napkin Ring from Little House of Four. Burlap+napkin+rings+4

Easy to Make Plastic-ware Easter Carrots from Crafts by Courtney.

3 Different Ways to Color Easter Eggs from My Big Fat Happy Life. Color-Easter-Eggs-001-1024x512

Easter Kids Table Setting from View From The Fridge.Easter-Kids-Table-Setting-h1

Easter Party Printables from Kristen Duke Photography.Easter-Party-Printables-2-825x1024

Easy Easter Wreath from Love, Pasta and a Toolbelt.

Egg Shell Seed Starters from Gluesticks. egg-shell-seed-starters

Embossed Easter Eggs from Tiny Sidekick. embossed-Easter-eggs-decorating-eggs-easter-egg-decorating-coloring-eggs-dying-eggs-6

Spring Bunny Footprint Art from One Krieger chick.

Chalkboard Place Cards with DIY Wire Easter Eggs from Design, Dining and Diapers.

Moss Bunny Topiaries from Average but Inspired.mr-and-mrs-moss-bunny-topiaries-768x1024

Rock Troll Easter Eggs from The Frugal Foodie Mama.Rock-Troll-Easter-Eggs-Titled

Watercolor Egg Place Setting from A Pumpkin and a Princess. Easter-Egg-Place-Setting

Superhero Easter Eggs from Create Craft Love.superhero-easter-eggs-beauty


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Heirloom Dresser Makeover

Last year, I inherited my Mom’s childhood dresser. I was so excited to get this piece and I knew that it would be perfect for our daughter Pinky’s bedroom. It certainly had it’s flaws, with the old paint being pretty chippy and one handle practically missing, but I knew I could give this heirloom dresser a makeover.

Heirloom Dresser Makeover

I remember when my cousins, Emily, and I would all play Barbies at our Grandma’s house as children. (Who am I kidding? We played Barbies EVERYWHERE we went!) One of my favorite places to build/decorate my Barbie house was on top of this dresser that sat in an unused upstairs bedroom. I always pretended like the little shelf on top was the bedroom and bathroom and the larger bottom space was living room/kitchen. Of course, there was an invisible elevator that would take Barbie, Ken, and Skipper up and down, so they could all travel to visit their friends who were placed in various other locations around Grandma’s house.

Old Dresser with Shelf

To update this dresser, I used the same paint and technique I used for this desk. Just some white paint and new library pulls that were left over.

Painted Dresser

The updated versions of this dresser is by no means perfect. There are still dings and dents and cracks that I could probably fill. The drawers are not perfectly straight, but I actually like the character it adds. Speaking of character, look at the awesome details in the wood.

Dresser Details

What do you think about the possibility of either adding a mirror or cork board to the back part of the dresser? There haven’t been any decisions made yet and Pinky hasn’t really mentioned a preference either way, so for now it is just how it was.

Antique Dresser Wood

We inserted some little labels into the library drawer pulls that have the words Tops, Bottoms, and Pajamas on them, so that Pinky can keep everything organized.

Library Drawer Pulls

This is probably one of my favorite pieces in our home right now. Besides the fact that it has sentimental meaning, I just love the crispness of the white paint, the pretty details in the wood, and all of the little imperfections. Now we just need to add some color to this room! What do you think of this heirloom dresser makeover? Let us know in the comments below, connect with us on Facebook, or chit-chat with us Instagram (Erin’s Instagram/Emily’s Instagram).

Vintage Dresser Makeover


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Chevron Pattern to Herringbone

Do you remember my Garbage Picking Kit? No? You should really check it out, it’s a pretty funny post. Well, when I was working on that project, I needed something to store all of my tools in so they didn’t just rattle around in the trunk of my car. My solution was an old shoe box. The box I found wasn’t exactly pretty. I decided it needed a little beautifying, so I grabbed some chevron patterned shelf liner to cover the box lid. As I was measuring the paper out, I was struck by a lightning. Okay, not a real lightning. Just a great idea kind of light bulb, but you get my point. Anyways, that’s when I thought it would be fun to change my chevron pattern into herringbone. Here’s how I did it.

Pattern Change

Fist, I cut the shelf liner into strips using scissors. I did not do this haphazardly. The method to my madness was cutting straight lines directly through the points of each zigzag.

Chevron to Herringbone

Next, I removed the backing of each contact paper strip to reveal the sticky side. With sticky side down, I placed each strip making sure to alternate colors with each piece. This is what created the herringbone pattern. Seriously, this project was so ridiculously simple. I feel a bit embarrassed and like I am cheating using this as a blog post.

Herringbone pattern from Chevron Pattern

Because of the size of the shoe box I was using, hubby’s giant feet not mine, I had to add some small pieces of the contact paper to the ends of the box lid to complete it. It took a little finagling (technical term) to get them to look right. But once I had finished, I loved how this turned out! What do you think? So simple, right?

Turn Chevron to Herringbone


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