Primping the Powder Room

I must say that I am in love with our powder room. Currently, it is a calm, yet bright white/gray which makes the room feel bigger. It has been a rocky romance though, and only recently has this love come to fruition.

Gray Powder Room Makeover

We’ve owned our home for over 10 years and this tiny bathroom has seen many changes. When we bought the place, the powder room was painted blood red. No kidding. It was like Dracula’s dream paint color. After reluctantly living with that for a couple of years, we painted it a very pale gray color, which was nice. However, as luck would have it, we then moved away for my hubby’s job and renters moved in. Of course, we moved back a couple of years ago.

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Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Coasters

Every once in a while, I will have an amazingly awesome idea for a project. However, this idea was not entirely my own. One weekend while at my parents house, I was trying to come up with some quick craft ideas. My brain was mush and I could not think of anything worthy of my time. Lucky for me, my parents are pretty creative people themselves and my Dad piped up with the idea of making carpet coasters. Genius! I took the idea and ran with it. (Thanks, Dad!)

Indoor Outdoor Carpet Coasters

After some more deliberating, I decided that the carpet needed to be a fairly thin, low pile piece so that glasses would be able to easily sit on top without spilling. It also needed to be cheap and waterproof. Here’s what I rounded up to make the carpet coasters:

  • Indoor/outdoor carpet
  • Mug
  • Pen
  • Scissors

The indoor/outdoor carpet I chose was just a very simple (and inexpensive) dark gray style that would go with most decor. I made sure that the bottom of it had a waterproof rubber backing, since I wanted to prevent any sweat from glass beverages coming contact with a table. The rubber also helps to hold all of the fibers in place after the carpet is cut.

Indoor Outdoor Carpet

To make your own, first use the open end of a mug and trace around it onto the back of the rug with a pen to create the shape of the coaster. You could choose any shape for your coaster, but I preferred mine to be round.

Trace Mug Carpet Back

Next, using sharp scissors, cut out your shape.

Cut Carpet With Scissors

In just a few minutes, you can have a set of four coasters cut and ready to go!

Carpet Rug Circles Stacked

If you are making these coasters as a gift, you can continue to cut out sets from the existing carpet piece. However, I just needed four coasters, so I decided to cut the rough rug end to match the other and it is now perfectly useful in front of our door. So, nothing is wasted!

Carpet Rug Small Coasters

Aren’t these great? You could place them on an end table or coffee table to give your guests a spot for their drink or use them outside during a bbq. So easy and useful!

Indoor Outdoor Rug Coasters

If you get ambitious, you could even add some fun designs, like stripes or polka dots with paint in a contrasting color to make these babies pop! Plus, there are tons of neat patterns and colors for indoor/outdoor rugs for you to choose from!

Indoor Outdoor Carpet Coasters

This post was originally published at Domestically Speaking on February 29, 2015.

Master Bedroom Paint Update

I mentioned earlier this past week that we had updated our bedroom with some new paint. I always love a how changing up the paint color in a room can make everything feel so different. We knew we wanted something light and neutral and had initially considered going with white. However, after some internet searching and comparing the positives and negatives of white paint, we finally decided on the new master bedroom paint color.

New Bedroom Paint Reveal

When we first moved in, our master bedroom was painted an intense burnt orange color and we kept it like that for several years. Not because we really love burnt orange anything, but because we were not really sure which direction we wanted to go. Plus, if you are anything like us, your own bedroom is put on the back burner to all other home improvements, especially because that is the place were things get shoved to keep company from seeing the mess in your home. *Wink*

Once we were ready to start changing things in the master, we finally decided on Behr Wheatbread as a calming neutral. Then we moved to Boston. And then we moved back. Hey, we tend to move a lot, or at least we have in the past. Here it is with the Behr paint before we changed things up again.

Light Swap 8

I really loved the look we had going in the photo above with the Behr paint and neutral accessories (I’m such a black and white with stripes kind of girl), however the throw pillow on the bed was chewed up by the dog and the cat claimed the striped throw blanket, so those are no longer there. We also switched back to our old nightstands, since our daughter stole the vanity turned desk to put in her shared bedroom with her little brother. So here is the master, albeit small, bedroom with the newer, lighter paint color, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and some other accessories.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

I know that it is hard to tell from the photos, but the new master bedroom paint color is a lot lighter than it was. The new color is a soft, warm greige, that changes in different lighting, which you can see below in the mirror.

Ikea Hemnes Dresser Black

I’ve already shared our dresser on the blog before with it’s awesome drop pulls.

Black White Dresser Accessories

This mirror is one I picked up at a thrift store while visiting my sister in NY. I love the curvy black frame!

Black Framed Vintage Mirror

Our queen size bed is nothing amazing, although if you were to lay on it, I can guarantee you would sleep well. We are hoping to upgrade to a king in the near future, because, hello… space! The headboard is the Whitney headboard from Pottery Barn and is unfortunately no longer available on their website. Boo. We actually purchased it for a steal on Craigslist about 7 years ago.

Pottery Barn Whitney Headboard

The little, faux wood (I think they are laminate) Ikea nightstands were also a Craigslist find. We got them for only $5 each and they have served us well in the years that we have had them, squeezing into tight spaces when our bedrooms have been small. However, we are planning to change them out soon, as well as the cheap-o Ikea lights on top of the nightstands.

Ikea Nightstand and Light

So, that pretty much wraps up the master bedroom paint reveal. I know, I know. It was not that exciting (griege can sometimes be a pretty boring color), but having a neutral space to relax in is just what this sometimes stressed out mama needs.

Metal Headboard Bed White Bedding

What do you think? Do you prefer simple, neutral painted walls in your home, or you do you like a punch of color to awaken the senses?