Horseshoe Plate Holder

Anthropology is so inspiring. Every time I am in the mall, I have to stop in and get a peak of their amazing home items. During my last visit, something sort of caught me by surprise. I came across some really beautiful plates, but the dishes were not what caught my eye. It was the horseshoe plate stand that really had me drooling. It was a shock to me that my biggest inspiration stemmed from their display and not their product. But I was in love. I had to make one.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 6

This project was super simple. If you would like one of your own, just follow along with me through these easy steps.


- Horseshoe
- Block of wood- 2″ high x 4″ deep x 6″ wide
- Scrap wood- 10″ high x 1/4″ deep x 3″ wide
- 3 Nails
- Hammer
- Your favorite wood stain. – I used Minwax Special Walnut.
- 2 Brushes
- Minwax Polycrylic – or other choice of finish.
- Hand Saw – (not pictured)
- Drill (optional/not pictured)
- 120 Sand paper (not pictured)

Horseshoe plate holder 1

1. I cut my scrap wood to measure 10″ high x 1/4″ deep x 3″ wide. This piece was used as the back support for the plates.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 7

2. Using the 120 grit sandpaper, I smoothed out the edges of the wood. This step helped make the final product splinter free.

3. Next, it was time to stain and finish. I applied Mixwax Special Walnut with a natural brush to both the block of wood and the support piece. Once dry, I used a synthetic brush to give the wood two coats of Minwax Polycrylic.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 2

4. I assembled the plate holder by placing the horseshoe front and center on the block and hammered 2 nails into it to hold it together.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 8

5. Finally, I drilled a hole through the support piece and block to avoid splitting the wood. This is optional. Then I hammered a nail through the pre-drilled spot.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 5

I love this as an accessory in our kitchen. It turned out just as I had hoped. Since I had everything already on hand, the cost to me was $0. I call that a win!

Horseshoe Plate Holder 4

Good luck to you if you try this and let us know if you do. We’d love to see pictures!


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Upcycled Tripod Table

Tripod Table 8

I had been searching everywhere for the perfect table to use as a nightstand in my son’s room. (And by everywhere, I really mean the side of the road and garage sales.) I was looking for something narrow, tall, and with an interesting shape when I came across a basic tripod table. The asking price was a whopping $1 at a yard-sale. I decided it was a fair price, skipped the negotiation step, and went straight for the purchase. I was so excited to have found something so cheap.

Tripod Table 2

When I got home, the first thing I did was check to make sure it fit in it’s previously picked out place. Yay, it did! It was time to get to work! But then life got in the way. Honestly, the table just sat in his room looking kinda sad for a couple of months. We all know how that goes, right?

Once things in my personal life mellowed out a bit, or as much as they could, my vision for this table was pretty clear. I really wanted to give it a plank top.

To achieve the round shape I wanted, I removed the legs from the table. Next, I layed the table face down on the wood planks and traced it with a pencil.

Lucky for me, my sis had been visiting and accidentally left her jigsaw here. I used this fun power tool to cut each piece of wood. You are probably wondering who travels with a jigsaw? Answer: Someone with a DIY blog, that’s who. Or a power tool salesman.

Tripod Table 3

Then, I sanded each plank and stained them with my favorite wood stain, Minwax Special Walnut. Love the color! I applied a couple coats of Minwax Polycrylic to give the table top a little extra durability.

Tripod Table 7

While the planks were drying, the three legs were sprayed with Rust-Oleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze Paint and Primer in One to give them a slight metallic look. At this point in the process, I was already lovin’ the look and excited to see it finished.

Tripod Table 4

For the final step, I used adhesive to adhere the planks to the top. The processes was pretty quick and I left the table over night to dry. In the morning I reattached the legs and the table was ready for use.

Tripod Table 5

Tripod Table 6

I am in love with how this basic tripod table turned out. Much better than how it started.

Tripod Table PicMonkey Collage copy

What do you think?


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15 Furniture Transformations

Don’t you just love a good makeover? There is something completely satisfying to us about taking furniture that’s old, unwanted, or just in bad shape and creating a beautiful piece from it that can be enjoyed again. That’s why we wanted to re-share some of our favorite furniture transformations from the blog.

15 Furniture Transformations

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Wow, all of these photos really have me motivated to work on something. Catch ya later! I’m off to grab my paint brush.

Your Designs This Time – No. 31

ydtt main 3 copy

Welcome to this weeks link up! You know we love Mondays because that’s when all of you awesomely creative people share your inspiring posts with the rest of us! We are so thankful for every single one of you & the posts that you link up each week. THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining us!

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The Features

  Blooming Homestead created the perfect Halloween mantel with fun DIY decor.

These rustic faux pumpkins from Robb Restyle would add the perfect vintage touch to any home.

Latte Everyday shared a super easy jewelry organizer that’s great for displaying and organizing necklaces.


How cute is this fun Halloween bunting from Average But Inspired?  You would never know it was made from napkins and coasters!

So Much Better With Age created a gorgeous fall mantel showcasing her beautiful distressed deer head.

If you were featured, be sure to grab a button and thanks again for sharing your projects! It’s always so hard to choose because SO many projects are fabulous!

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Halloween Tissue Box Monster Art

Every year at this time, many companies slap Halloween designs on just about anything. Cereal, fruit snacks, underwear, all the way to tissue boxes. People will buy those items just for the festive looks. I know I do.

I purchased these adorable boxes of tissues last year to add a touch of silly fall fun to our bathrooms. These little monsters were so stinkin’ cute that I couldn’t just throw them away after the boxes were emptied. So, I turned them into Halloween Art.

Tissue Box Art 2


3 Empty tissue boxes
1 Empty Melissa and Doug toy tray
Mod Podge
Foam paint brush
Black spray paint

Tissue Box Art 5

First, I spray painted the toy tray black. This gave it more of a Hallo-weenie look.

Next, I sliced open the tissue boxes with scissors and carved out the monsters along with some of the cute background.

Finally, I Mod Podged the cardboard sections into the Melissa and Doug storage piece.

Tissue Box Art 4


Tissue Box Art 3


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There you have it. Fun, free, easy, adorable Halloween art! I love how it turned out, and you just can’t be that price.